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Investments in non-motorised modes of urban transport: A solution to increasing cars problem in China - Essay Example

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More than 2 million passenger cars were sold in China last year, an increase of more than 80 percent from the year before, according to the State Information Centre. China is now the single fastest-growing auto market in the world, and the second largest in Asia after Japan." (Goodman, A01) The increase in the number of auto mobiles is not a problem itself but the problem lies in the fact that as the income of the urban people increase the number of vehicles also increase with the same proportion but the roads, parking areas and fuel supply do not increase with the same proportion…
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Investments in non-motorised modes of urban transport: A solution to increasing cars problem in China
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Extract of sample "Investments in non-motorised modes of urban transport: A solution to increasing cars problem in China"

Download file to see previous pages The case presented is the same as most of the cities in China are facing.
"Traffic congestion is getting worse in the cities. There is an increase in commuting because of the wider spread of land use and people no longer live next to their workplaces. However, the transport system is not growing fast enough to cope with the increase in passengers and motor vehicles. There is inadequate provision of roads, together with a shortage of traffic control systems and facilities." (Lo and Yeung)
According to an estimate stated in an article by Howard, "China accounts for about 12 percent of the world's energy demand, but its consumption is growing at more than four times the global rate, sending Chinese oil company executives on an increasingly frantic search for overseas supplies. The country's top environmental officials have warned of ecological and economic doom if China continues to follow this pattern." (p. 4)
"The rise of the auto also threatens to add another major source of greenhouse gas emissions, those believed to underlie the problem of global warming, to a world already struggling to limit the threat. China is now the second-largest source of such pollution after the United States. Over the next three decades, China's increase in gas emissions is expected to nearly equal the total of all industrial countries, according to the International Energy Agency." (Goodman, A01) The conditions are even worse in the non-coastal areas where the resources to cope up the situation are also scarce. A significant no of studies has been undertaken in order to study the problems which are arising due to this increase in the number of vehicles.
Lack of Roads:
The roads in these cities are in sufficient to accommodate the vehicles. Some of the roads are overcrowded and congested due to the lack of management. The use of bicycles and motorcycles on these overburdened roads increase the no of accidents. On the other hand buses cannot also be used to serve the purpose due to the lack of accommodation and schedules lag.
In efficient Rail Transport systems:
In most of these cities the rail transport system is available in the regions where they cannot serve the purpose of reducing the traffic on the congested roads. Even in some regions the no. of passengers using the rail transportation is very low.
Lack of integration:
The system lacks integration among the different travel modes within the public transportation system.
Environmental problems:
The emission of the poisonous gases is worsening the environmental conditions. The air is getting polluted. Noise pollution from the motorcycles also adds to the negative effects. (Source: Lu Ximing, Shanghai City Comprehensive Transportation Planning Institute)
The government is taking keen interest in solving these problems resulting due to the increase in automobiles. Most of the cities have elaborate and comprehensive master plans, which are used to guide ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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