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Chinese grassroots living situation in China big cities - Research Paper Example

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The Chinese Grassroots Culture is the one that mainly focuses on studying the living situations of the people currently disadvantaged in China, comprising mainly of the peasant workers, the jobless outcasts, the low-paid white collars, the stay-at-home children, together with…
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Chinese grassroots living situation in China big cities
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Download file to see previous pages The country has a relatively large number of people that are extremely disadvantaged in the socio-political and socio-economic status, with their living condition being extremely poor. Despite the available social amenities and the improved social facilities through the urban cities, the grassroots population that comprises of mostly the peasant workers, have had little benefits to enjoy (Mars & Hornsby 129). The paper thus studies on the living conditions of these Chinese grassroots people, why they live in these situations, explaining the reason why China housing prices are much higher in big cities and measures the Chinese government is devising to change the situation.
The Chinese grassroots is the groups are unfortunate individuals that live in the un-humanized society. The Chinese farmers are traditionally the most inferior in class, who are the ideal representatives of the Chinese grassroots. These grassroots groups live the hardest life and work the hardest in order to feed the other ‘brilliant’ people in the big cities (Wang & Murie 93). The Chinese farmers are the ones that cover the largest portion of the population in China and thus play a critical role towards promoting social development. The economic pressures force these grassroots people into moving to cities in search of better jobs, but instead end up working as peasant workers. These people end up living in destitute conditions, which even poses risks to their own health, in order to keep on surviving in cities (Nielsen & Smyth 65). The World Health governing bodies have able to raise concerns about the living conditions of these grassroots Chinese population, hence prompting the government to take some actions to solve the problem.
It is apparent that a number of reasons contribute to the kind of living conditions that the Chinese grassroots have to live within these cities. The first challenge is the problems of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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