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Research paper-Chinese housing - Essay Example

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In the next 10 to 15 years estimates predict that another tens of millions of human beings will have added themselves in the figure of urban dwellers. Logic dictates that, this…
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Research paper-Chinese housing
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Download file to see previous pages What was once conventional and sustainable way of housing is being replaced with better housing systems that can handle and accommodate better population size. China is struggling with huge population and as such the problem of housing comes naturally. As such it is as if the country is on building steroids. Everywhere across major towns and cities there are constructions taking place.
One commentator notes that, china has evolved to become a colossal construction site. Old dwelling structures are being substituted for better dwellings. Even the dwellings that were considered better are also being made to pave way for even better dwellings. All this activity is in favor of producing homes for millions of Chinese citizens in the country. To get a magnitude of the construction taking place, it is an estimated figure that the country will construct in the 20 years more than 50000 sky crappers.
With such impressive housing figures, questions are bound to arise on the effects of this constructions. While china has the biggest populace on earth, it also has the oldest medieval Chinese tradition on earth too. The population in the country has always been enormous since the ancient times and hence ancient generations had ways of solving the housing problems.
Why then is the country changing housing formulae to a lot of sky crappers and generally high rise buildings. China had traditional Chinese dwelling that promoted neighborliness and good social progress. In dare need of solving human housing problems in china, the government is doing away with such dwellings and each time this is happening one more traditional culture is being killed.
In this research paper hence, I have noted with keen interest that there is a short charge on the whole issue of solving housing problems in china. The country is building high rise buildings as a way of mass housing and quick solution to an enormous problem of housing. With that, there might be on comprise ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Research Paper-Chinese Housing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 Words.
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