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Garbage in china - Essay Example

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The growth of China has been on the upward trend in the last three decades to such an extent that some economists have foreseen its level of economy exceeding that of the United States. However, this rapid economic growth has had significant share of problems linked to it. One…
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Garbage in china
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Download file to see previous pages ident starting from Hong Kong to other places such as Bolou and Tonghzou are against the idea of government coming up with incineration facilities to manage this garbage. Protests are order of the day whenever the governments set up to build such a facility. In this regard, this research paper seeks to find an answer to the question what is the most appropriate way of managing the thousands of tonnes of garbage produced in China each day? The research argues out that incineration is the best alternative to manage garbage in China as it not only reduces the waste in landfills, but also offers opportunities for the generation of additional electric power to be fed in the countries power grid system.
Handling waste, which is a result of a rapidly growing middle class and per annum double-digit economic expansion over the last decade, stands out as one of the most prominent challenges China’s urban planners contend with. While most of the garbage, which range from food waste to construction rubble and plastic packaging, is dumped in landfills, policy makers are gradually embracing incineration as volumes step-up, in spite of spirited protests from some residents and environmentalists. In a You Tube video posted by D (English)Beijing’s urban enlargement has resulted to the trash problem getting even closer to homes. Landfill fields that once occupied the city’s outskirts where a majority of the city’s migrant workers resided now sit in the center of the urban conurbation that has developed around them. According to Shapiro, while China generates rubbish to a lesser extent on per capita basis relative to other economies such as the United States, its cumulative generation, at approximately 300 million tones every year, according to academic studies, is the largest in the globe, and still on an upward trend. Beijing’s population produces 23,000 tonnes of garbage each day, an equivalent of nine fully filled standard-sized swimming pools for Olympic Games. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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