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It is evidently clear from the discussion that social media refers to platforms which people of various kinds can interact for the purpose of social well-being. As the paper outlines, the commonly used social media platforms are Facebook and Twitter…
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The Social Media Advantage
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Argumentative essay about social media
With the introduction of the computer age and the internet, the need for man to connect over the internet drove the search for the development of social media platforms. Social media refers to platforms which people of various kinds can interact for the purpose of social well-being. The commonly used social media platforms are Facebook and Twitter. Throughout the years, the number of people estimated to be using social media has been on the rise at an alarming rate (Fraser 32). Many people have opted for social media platform in order to make social connections. In as much as internet has its advantages and disadvantages, same to social media. In this essay, the advantages of social media will be examined in details here.
First of all, social media has provided a platform for friends to socialize when distant was a barrier. Nowadays, it is possible for a person in American and one in another country to communicate freely via these social media sites. Social media has made communication easier, cheaper and faster than it used to be. In the olden days, when one wanted to communicate with a long lost friend, he will be forced to write a letter which would take more than 3 days to reach the recipient (Alex 56). The olden way of communication was not sufficient and efficient as it had limitation of videos and live picture taking. Social media has provided this features which were missing in the traditional way of socializing when one was at a distant.
Everyone has been shocked by the immense extent to which the social media platforms have reached today. I recently opened a Facebook account and realized that most companies and businesses have taken their advertisements online. In addition, I am able to get news about various events in my Facebook and Twitter accounts (Berkeley 67). In as much as these social sites are regulated by admins who operate on the set rules and policies, security has been tightened and fraudulent activities watched. Take for example a case of someone in Twitter trying to be pretending to be someone else, his or her account will be deleted immediately after failure to prove he or she is the owner of the account. Based on relationship, social media tend to provide an impression that one has many friends, but in real sense, it is not the case.
In conclusion, social media have revolutionized communication. As the world is continuing to develop, more people will continue to join the social media platforms and hence people have to be enlightened about the advantages and disadvantages of the social media platforms (Alex 23).
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The Social Media Advantage Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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