The rise of the Islamic State - Essay Example

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The group rose as a result of America-led invasion of Iraq in 2003. Islamic state is believed to be a radical anti-western combative group committed in inaugurating an independent Islamic state in the region (Feldman,…
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The rise of the Islamic State
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The rise of the Islamic Islamic s started as Jamaat al-Tawhid wal-Jihad in Iraq. The group rose as a result of America-led invasion of Iraq in 2003. Islamic state is believed to be a radical anti-western combative group committed in inaugurating an independent Islamic state in the region (Feldman, 2008). The group’s acts have confirmed to be more brutal and effective at controlling territories it has seized.
This paper shall candidly explicate how Islamic states are aspiring to use Sharia law to restore Islamic states and the adversities that these states are facing in their ‘restoration of justice’. Sharia law was based on the rule of law, as Muslims had traditionally used sharia law to govern themselves (Nabhānī, 2001). Secondly, the UN should come together with countries and strive to meet the mission of controlling and eliminating the group that is using the name Islamic state to destabilize world security.
The Islamic world greatly wanted to control the world through Sharia law and rapidly advanced their militant groups across the world to capture and control states despite growth in anti-Muslim detestation. There is no sufficient reason to blame the rise of Islamic states. This is because United States had contributed for the upcoming Islamic states. In 2003, US invasion to Iraq concentrated mainly in guarding oils fields hence leaving Iraq boundaries wide-open for thousands of jihad combatants to come into the country (Ehrenberg, 2010). US has also contributed to falling of Iraq by dismantling Iraqi army that was the only force that was familiar with the layout of Iraqi topography. If the army had not dismantled, they had the potential to curb the armed insurgents. Sharia law was unprinted constitution, and it was instrumental in modeling the tradition of Islamic states over centuries. This law was essential as it made members of Islamic states enjoy a high degree of respect and prestige. Islamic states are calling for the establishment of the sharia law in the modern Muslim world. Islamic states were based on the rule of law as they had traditionally used sharia law to govern themselves. Sharia law historical was effective in balancing of power in the Islamic states. The westerns have termed sharia law as a threat to democracy, and this was against the Muslims notion. Consequently, Islamic states went against the stereotype the western countries had toward their use of sharia law and this made Islamic states to develop actions of being radical and anti-western armed group committed in inaugurating an independent Islamic state in the region. Islamic states gain much support from people in Iraq, eastern Syria and Afghanistan by promising its members the return of flourishing Islamic states known as the caliphates that will be rule by supreme leader who will use sharia law to govern caliphates (Feldman, 2008). Therefore, many Muslim saw Islamic states group as a responsible organization committed to restoring a legal system that will inculcate co-existence of fairness respect as demand by sharia law.
As candidly elucidated above, Islamic states are aspiring to make Sharia law a general law that is responsible in governing Muslims. Islamic states perceive sharia law as the only thing that can be used to rescue members of Islamic states from fraudulent and corrupt leaders.
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