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Power and Politics in California - Essay Example

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The constitution of the state of California, therefore outlined the methods in which the constitution could be modified. One of these methods was through amendment which was based on majority proposals in the two legislature houses and upheld by the voters. …
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Power and Politics in California
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Download file to see previous pages The State of California however, had weak party structure with the segments of party which was in the government, the organization of the party and the party which was in the electorate. The ranks of the party were then affected by the instability in the ties between the major party and the number of voters which is growing. In regards to this then, there have been changes and variations in the electoral fortunes for the democrat’s and republican parties. In the year 1994, the republicans almost became the dominating party in the state of California but this was resolved when Bill Clinton carried it and regained control for the democrats. Even after Schwarzenegger was voted in as the governor, the strength of the republicans has not increased nor decreased. This could due to the fact that the attachment of voters to parties in California is not very stabilized. In that case then, party affiliation cannot be used as an assurance in determining the political success. Strengthening of parties has since then deemed better because many argue that politics based on parties are more democratic than those based on interest groups. The objective of political parties is to increase support among citizens but this is not the case for interest groups. The system based on party politics will make voters feel the worth of their votes and this will encourage other potential voters to participate in the voting process in future. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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