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The state was miles away from the outside world and so were its various cities from one another. Means of transport in the city by water or road was very poor and limited. This poor…
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The Railroad Era and Economic Growth Paper
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Download file to see previous pages The only means of transport was either by wagons, stagecoaches or by the ocean, this discouraged immigration of children and women (Norris, 2008). Fortunately, in 1862, The Central pacific Railroad emerged from California’s need for a remedy to its transportation crisis as well as socio economic challenges. Construction of the railroad began at Sacramento in 1863 after the congress authorized it the previous year. The businesspersons who combined efforts to finance the project named themselves the ‘octopus’ and the profits from the project rewarded them greatly years later.
With the development and opening of the railroad, traveling time from the state to other states and within the cities greatly reduced. From travelling for months and several weeks, the people of California could now use just a week or days to reach their destinations. The Central Pacific Railroad was labelled the safest means of transport, most attractive site for tourists as well as the most direct means for transport for the immigrants across the American continent. Transport of goods and services developed as the machinery, mails, manufactured goods, as well as human resources begun moving to the west. In addition, natural resources, and food rolled eastward hence feeding almost half of the Eastern populace. Along the Central Pacific Railroad as well as its terminals, towns emerged and developed quickly because of the strategic location. Among the towns that developed along the lines of this railroad were North Plate, Lexington, Julesburg, Cheyenne, LA rime, Rock Springs, and Evanston. People begun purchasing land that the had been given to the railroads as grants and they established settlements in the new town, constructed houses, began business activities as well as ranches and farms (Norris, 2008). The Octopus used agents to market the area ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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