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Some of these challenges are regular besides have been developing and evolving over the years. This is because of corrupt human activities such as deforestation and bad political…
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California Challenges and Future Industry Paper
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Download file to see previous pages According to the economic status of California, it has power besides global link that can help to end the challenges it faces despite that it lacks legal attributes and policy makers of a sovereign country to tackle the problems.
This has been a key central issue faced by most Californians in recent years. For instance, California people have been experiencing power blackouts without notices besides having neither immediate nor lasting solutions. This power blackout has decimated the State’s budgetary surplus leading to great economic loss, as all major government industries are unable to escape such calamities. This has been bringing about great concerns despite the leaders showing no or less concern where they usually play blame games on each other hence ending up with no concrete solution over the menace. This electricity saga started when an opportunity availed itself for the state to consider restructuring its power system in making it more flexible and responsive to changing the economic conditions (Sweeney 2008).
Following the implementation of this restructuring it was imperfect in some way that the state political leadership failed in the year 2000 to implement fully the effectiveness of tight electricity markets. Besides which in the year 2001 they mismanaged the issue making it a major crisis. Thereby this era burdened the state with a hard task of long-term obligation correlated with electricity. Because of this hard period caused by the states governor together with other state leaders the saga continues haunting the state up to date as they still try to recuperate from their past era (Sweeney 2008).
The state of California has been experiencing water shortage problems since 19th century. This is because of the many changes caused by human activities over the years. For instance, the growing population in both Mexico and United States has inhabited some of the areas previously occupied by the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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