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Proper Equipment Use in Transportation Management - Research Paper Example

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The author of the following research paper "Proper Equipment Use in Transportation Management" explains that in the contemporary scenario, people are mostly concerned about following a trend where they could be able to act with utmost consciousness both socially as well as environmentally…
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Proper Equipment Use in Transportation Management
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Extract of sample "Proper Equipment Use in Transportation Management"

Download file to see previous pages In the present day context, public consciousness is one of the most vital elements, which is associated with any particular domain including the society, the business and the lives of individuals among others (Sharma, 1992).
From the above depiction, it is apparent that any kind of resources is quite vital for the long-term existence of human beings. Contextually, this particular paper will evaluate the potential of reducing fuel cost by using trucking equipment that is more efficient and socially conscious by proposing at least five processes or rules.
It is believed that with the rising prices of the resources such as petrol and other fuels, there has developed a need to emerge with alternative options in order to deal with the challenges of fuel inadequacy in the future context. However, individuals also hold perceptions that emerging with methods that ensure fuel-efficient operations of vehicles might also be a potential measure for dealing with the decreasing level of fuel resources in the contemporary scenario. Contextually, certain procedures or policies will be evaluated with regard to the use of fuel in trucks further ensuring the reduction of the cost of fuels through using efficient and socially cognizant equipment. There are various processes that can be determined with regard to reducing the fuel consumption of vehicles which are highlighted and explained in a detailed manner hereunder.
The first step that can be adopted in this regard will be proper use and maintenance of the equipment used in the vehicles which will include tires, engines and other parts of vehicles. The type of tires that are being used in the vehicle is directly interlinked with the fuel efficacy of the vehicles. It is known that heavy trucks or any other vehicles consume more fuel in comparison with small light-duty vehicles. This is because of the difference in tire rolling fuel consumption amid the two sorts of vehicles. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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