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Air cargo - Research Paper Example

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The choice for this service by client is made to achieve efficiency when handling perishable and highly precious commodities. The airline companies aim at increasing their income by charging high…
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Air cargo
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Extract of sample "Air cargo"

Download file to see previous pages Efficiency in the handling and regulating movement of merchandise, power, passengers, services and products is very crucial as they are moved from the point of supply to the point of requirement. As business activities continue to expand globally, proper regulation of shipments will result to efficiency in trading activities. It will also improve production activities due to availability of factors of production on time (Elias, 2010). The trading activities will expand due to ease of marketing of commodities as a result of market expansion. Coordination of airline transportation will incorporate information, movement of goods, passengers and services; stock taking, monitoring of raw materials and wrapping of manufactured commodities (O’connor, 2001).The fees charged on merchandise will vary depending on the potential for airline to ferry up to its capacity. This will also influence demand for the aircraft services since it will result to biasness by the airline operators. Airline operators keep on changing the charges for the merchandise from time to time as demand varies overtime. There is an issue of protection when it comes to movement of goods or passengers thorough the air. This also plays a pivotal role in determining the revenue amount raised by the companies (Elias, 2010). In most cases, busy destinations such as airports are the targets of terrorists and could influence income and demand for airline services (Molotch, 2012). The airline companies are usually faced with challenges when determining the capacity of their carriers for different classes of merchandise of varying categories to be transported in order to maximize their revenue.
Shipment of goods and passengers by airline is dependent on their weight. This is because airlines have a limited capacity in terms of weight which determines the amount of goods and passengers a particular airline can ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Air Cargo Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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