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Mechanisms for Effective and Efficient Airport Cargo Export and Import Operations: A Logistics Perspective - Essay Example

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Mechanisms for Effective and Efficient Airport Cargo Export and Import Operations: A Logistics Perspective
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Extract of sample "Mechanisms for Effective and Efficient Airport Cargo Export and Import Operations: A Logistics Perspective"

Download file to see previous pages The ground handling teams and the custom officers also play a critical role in ensuring that the air cargo logistics and full operational and effective. Leinbach (2013) says that air cargo logistics brings these teams together so that various cargos can be moved and transported internationally and domestically via air transport. The air cargo logistics teams are on the other hand required to interact and work with various cross border agencies so that there is speedier movement of cargo within a country or across the borders of the country in question. Burnson (2013a) says that about a quarter of internationally transported goods are moved via air transport. This implies that the air cargo movement is something that cannot be neglected.
Over the last coupe of years, there has been an increase in the demand for air transport for goods. This has been facilitated by the ever changing business models that require goods not only to be delivered in the right form but in the right time and quantity. Speed to market has become very vital for both the domestic and international goods (Burnson, 2012c). Due to the changing business models, transportation or movement of inventory is no longer taken to be a process that is compartmentalized. Inventory movement has changed to be a continuous chain of adding value to the inventory. This is the reason why effective export /import inventory movement is required.
The logistic performance indicators for countries which are at the same level of economic growth directly relate to the growth rate in the economy (Adina, 2014). This has therefore necessitated the need for investment in better air logistics.
For air cargo logistics to be effective, these players require the cooperation and services of each other. Each involved party has a precise role to play and when each party satisfactorily plays its part, the resultant air cargo logistics operations will be effective. Out of the several players, the cargo terminals remain ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Mechanisms for Effective and Efficient Airport Cargo Export and Import Essay - 1)
Mechanisms for Effective and Efficient Airport Cargo Export and Import Essay - 1.
“Mechanisms for Effective and Efficient Airport Cargo Export and Import Essay - 1”, n.d.
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