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Impact of Modern Day Terminals in the Success of an Air-Cargo Operation - Assignment Example

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The author states that the most efficient mode is air due to speed and security. This has resulted in increased congestion at the port terminals, compelling airport managers to implementing new strategies for increasing efficiency. But their effort is undermined by decreasing capacity for expansion…
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Impact of Modern Day Terminals in the Success of an Air-Cargo Operation
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Extract of sample "Impact of Modern Day Terminals in the Success of an Air-Cargo Operation"

Download file to see previous pages This has resulted in an increased preference for air travel due to the urgency of travelers and nature of goods which favors faster and efficient means of transport (Hanley, 2003). The modern airport terminals are therefore designed to handle increasing demand for passenger and cargo travels efficiently.
Modern air cargo terminals are equipped with current facilities to handle different types of commodities. For example, there are cold rooms for storing fresh commodities such as agricultural produce which requires proper handling (Edwards, 2005). They are also equipped with compartments for handling live animals. Other equipment fitted to improve delivery of services includes well-secured rooms for valuable commodities to ensure their safety, and separate stores for items which release emissions, and others for storage of chemicals (Cambridge Systematic, Inc. Landrum & Brown, 2011).
The modern terminals have well-trained staff which ensures smooth operations at the terminals. Their activities include handling of commodities, documentation, and verification of procedures. Since most of the terminals are automated, these processes are easier to implement online, therefore doing away with undue delays at the terminals (Edwards, 2005). Different airports have improved communication services both internal and externally to improve control of aircraft and ensure there are no interruptions due to two or more planes arriving at the same time (Hanley, 2003). This has also helped in reducing cases of accidents from plane crashes.
Terminals capacities have been expanded to handle increasing demand for storage of goods and reception of passengers. They are fitted with different sections for handling imports and other for exports (Edwards, 2005). This separation of activities has eased unnecessary delays which otherwise occurs due to poor coordination of processes. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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