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Analysis principles of logisties management within Mishubishi company in singapore - Assignment Example

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The world of business has received a great level of influence from the overwhelming trend of globalisation, and the field of commerce in the foremost department that has taken the internationalisation of operations with open arms and hearts (Agnew, 2013). The globalization…
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Analysis principles of logisties management within Mishubishi company in singapore
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Extract of sample "Analysis principles of logisties management within Mishubishi company in singapore"

Download file to see previous pages The competition in the local industries and markets grew stronger, and therefore, the production of products and services improved in the domain of quality in the recent years. The industry of sophisticated transportation developed as a niche of many industries (Spanos, Zaralis, & Lioukas, 2004). The companies have a duty to provide their clientele with their orders on their doorsteps, and therefore, the companies are busy in developing their private cargo services so that they can ship orders to their clients at a global level (Akhter, 2007). The company known as Mitsubishi has developed the most advanced transportation system in the world, and they have the proven capability to deliver products within one or two days beginning from the time when the customer placed the order (van de ven, 1992). The key of success in the industry of consumer goods lies with the power of marketing and advertisement (Beasley & Frigo, 2011). The ultimate level of success an organization can achieve through placing the products into the market effectively and timely as well.
However, the company does not use any single means of transportation. They decide according to the specific needs of the consumers (David, 2015). The company applies various statistical models in order to manage the demand of its products (Child, 1972). The applied techniques include regression analysis that measures the impact of different independent variables over a target one (David, 2015). The companies have a keen interest in knowing the semi-exact level of demand that they might face in the future (David F. R., 2011). The company uses linear programming as well that assists them in terms of balancing out productivity with quantity so that the organisation can create an optimal level of cost structure that will in turn generate maximum level of profitability in the market (Roulac, et al., 2005). The company operates with the help of having ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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