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Water Conflict in Tanzania: Pangani River Basin - Research Paper Example

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A vicious circle occurs when a fundamental issue, which requires a solution, but the answer to the initial dilemma can aggravate further unwanted issues, resulting in the worsening of the initial problem. In this case, an environmental issue can hinder economic, political, and…
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Water Conflict in Tanzania: Pangani River Basin
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Download file to see previous pages Furthermore, the water is not being properly allocated and is gradually becoming a scarce resource. The paper is a discussion of the various conflicts existing in Pangani River Basin
The earths summit of 1992 forged a sustainability platform for responsible development among United Nations. Tanzania being a member has initiated various strategies and policies aimed at enhancing environmental protection. Nevertheless, despite the sprawling initiatives climate change remains an emerging trend in the country. Global warming and the lack of precipitation has greatly affected environmental factors within Tanzania. Munishi states, "Environmental destruction is another major source of environmental stress" (Munishi & Sawere, 2014, p.64). Farmers turn to slash and burn farming for temporary relief from poverty. Trees are destroyed and cleared for harvesting and used for cooking fuel. Also the mass destruction of trees are used to plant crops and utilized to serve agricultural purposes. This process of environmental destruction and deforestation contribute to the diminishing source of fresh water within the Pangani Basin. In addition, further deforestation and climate change will impact existing animal habitats and ecosystems. Animals will have to adapt to these gradual environmental changes and ultimately new species will evolve. Furthermore, its mentioned that Carbon Dioxide will likely double within the atmosphere, wiping out all subtropical woodlands (Munishi & Sawere, 2014). In essence, the changes have threatened the existence of Pangani river factor raising many questions.
Water conservation is a primary initiative of any organization. Water catchment areas for Pangani basin have raised many conflicts not only for national parks but also for Mount Kilimanjaro and Meru forest reserves. Many farmers want to use the conservation areas for fuel gathering and tourism. On the other hand, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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