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Change in Family Arrangements in Tanzania and UK - Assignment Example

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This paper “Change in Family Arrangements in Tanzania and UK” briefly analyses the Continuity and change in family arrangements in Tanzania and UK in three disciplines; economics, psychology, and politics. The agro sector contributes more than two-thirds of the GDP…
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Change in Family Arrangements in Tanzania and UK
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Extract of sample "Change in Family Arrangements in Tanzania and UK"

Download file to see previous pages “Christianity is a relatively new religion in Tanzania having introduced into the country during the 18th Century by professional missionaries. About two-thirds of East Africa’s Muslims reside in Tanzania which is the most populous of the East African countries” (Saeed, n. d) Because of these huge differences between these countries, the family arrangements, life principles, attitudes customs etc in these two countries are entirely different. This paper briefly analyses the Continuity and change in family arrangements in Tanzania and UK in three disciplines; economics, psychology and politics
“The agro sector contributes more than two-thirds of the GDP. It accounts for almost 85% of the total exports and employs nearly 80% of the population. However, agriculture is restricted to the coastal plains, since nearly 90% of the land is not arable” (Economy watch Tanzania, n. d). At the same time one of the pathetic aspect of Tanzanian agriculture is the fact that only 4% of the total land area is used for agricultural purpose because of the geographical peculiarities and bitter climatic conditions. Even though, most of the agricultural products like coffee, tea, cashews, cotton etc are exporting from Tanzania, the farmers are getting very less price for their products because of the mediators in between production and exporting. Industrial sector is contributing very little to the Tanzanian economy. In fact industry in Tanzania is one among the smallest in Africa. Tanzanian government has recently taken some significant measures to liberalize the Tanzanian economy in order to capitalize on the opportunities provided by globalization, liberalization and privatization. Tayari (2010) has pointed out that small-scale industries should be encouraged in Tanzania for the proper economic developments as did by many other countries (Tayari, 2010). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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