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This essay describes the need to create policies and programs that benefit could be the definitive solution AFG and Tanzanian government need.African Barrick Gold (AFG) is seeking to find a lasting solution that can benefit the local communities in North Mara, government and the companies at large…
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Mining Issues in Tanzania African Barrick Gold (AFG) is seeking to find a lasting solution that can benefit the localcommunities in North Mara, government and the companies at large (Newenham-Kahindi and Beamish 1). The local communities in North Mara have launched incessant complaints because they believe that the foreign company and government are not playing the integral role in the mining business. The need to create policies and programs that benefit could be the definitive solution AFG and Tanzanian government need. As a manager, I have been charged with coming with a strategy that will reduce the wrangles in the local communities and seek additional involvement from the Tanzania government. The decision is set to affect people of North Mara, the Tanzanian government and the company, which aims at generating profit.
The local population deserves jobs, zero exposure to environmental degradation, and compensation for the land and resources that AFG among other firms have used in the mining process. The introduction of mining business interfered with fishing and lifestyles given that the government did not have a concrete method that could regulate the conduct of foreign firms in the country. Conversely, the government deserves further involvement if it resolves the incidences of corruption and bureaucracies. The diversification of the economy in Tanzania, achievement of social responsibility initiatives and regulation of foreign firms are some of the needs that require fast and effective decisions (Newenham-Kahindi and Beamish 6). AFG will generate a strategy that is legal in the Tanzanian context because the primary objective is to make a difference in the community but through the proper incorporation of relevant government authorities. The partnerships will realize a sustainable and all-inclusive program.
Handling social and ecological problems for the community will reduce wrangles and initiate a platform for application of entrepreneurial and innovative skills of Tanzanians. The local communities will revive their economic capacity against a backdrop of proper ecological systems. The government and local authorities will become more accountable and launch a safe environment for foreign investment (Newenham-Kahindi and Beamish 9). The national government will negotiate the terms on behalf of the communities. The responsibility of the government will reduce the AFG’s burden in attaining sustainable development goals for the companies and the locals. The goals of achieving health, environment conservation, education, and entrepreneurial collaborations will be realized at local and national levels.
In conclusion, the ultimate decision to find a lasting solution to the mining problem has been identified. Locals deserve proper remuneration, ecological and social benefits. The current developments in the Tanzania community are not sufficient because they do not cushion the communities against economic and scarcity of resources. AFG has developed community-based programs in the past, but that has eliminated the wrangles but the decision addressed in integrating communal, governmental, and AFG will provide the ultimate remedy needed in mining gold. The government needs to address impediments such as corruptions that prevent foreign investors and come up with governance that is neutral to both locals and foreign companies such as AFG. The initiative will realize a mutual advantage to all parties in the mining industry.
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Newenham-Kahindi, Aloysius, and Paul W. Beamish. Barrick Gold Corporation-Tanzania. 1st ed. Ivy Publishing, 2010. Print. Read More
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