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The world has walked past a long way from the clutches of disparities based on nationality, race, language and socio-economic classification prevailed among its population and built an open arena of overall progress. Political borders between countries opened wider and changes…
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Globalisation is a force for good. Discuss
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Download file to see previous pages Considering all the advantages of globalisation, the argument that this concept is a force for good cause remains true. This paper is meant to examine the positive effects of globalisation that resulted in the transformation of major areas like education, technology and business as a relationship with the relevance of international cooperation instilled by globalisation.
Make a quick overview of the development around the world that has taken place in the recent two decades and it will be clear how great the aspect of ‘globalisation’ is. It is obvious that the politically segmented world map is now filled with a number of cities and economic hubs where labour and capital are brilliantly invested and operated in a variety of enterprises. This rapid growth in urbanisation and development in the human resource quality meant for economic growth of many countries became a reality through the integration of ideas and efforts from different parts of the world. As such, the commonness in opinion and the willingness to share material and abstract things meant for progress of human communities across political borders can be considered as the basis of globalisation. The interchange and exchange of information and material meant for mutually beneficial prospects between two or more countries constitute globalisation. According to a suggestion, “Globalisation is the term used to describe the process of removal of restrictions on foreign trade, investment, innovation in communications and transport systems” (Paul, 2008, p.55).
The clear observation of this process will open a chamber of international participation in almost all the walk of economic enterprises. Under the franchisee of globalisation concept, the countries participating in joint economic ventures are supposed to be transparent and liberal among them in order to make the process of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Globalization is good. Discuss

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Globalisation and the Mass Media be understood that too much of localisation may not be good for the economy in an increasingly globalised world. What is needed is a well thought out strategy that encompasses the needs of the displaced people and the industrial giants as well. An example of this is the proposal to give jobs in the industries to be set up to the family members of the displaced people. This is one good example of how globalisation can go hand in hand with the forces of localisation. Challenges in localizing products Some of the challenges that transnational firms face when they try to localise are: Unfamiliarity with local market conditions. This has been a feature...
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