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Globalization - Essay Example

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Author’s Name: Due Date: Globalization and the World’s Poor A bruising force that has that now left a permanent mark in the world of academia like no other, the subject of globalization and its effects, particularly to the world’s poor, remains a gold mine, generating numerous scholarly papers that only serve to widen the gap between two sides armed with counterfactual data that either cannot effectively pull down…
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Download file to see previous pages As a result of the hard hitting Washington Consensus [—the West’s interest-serving set of socio-economic and political prescriptions, for instance], it is quite obvious that the world’s poor have surrendered a huge chunk of their sovereignty to the powerful global forces, which apparently, are at constantly at work circumscribing their spheres of action (Dreher 1092). The resurgence of Adam Smith’s laissez faire economics is today more of a reality than it was then; seldom since the nineteenth century’s heydays of free trade has this theory galvanized such certainty; certainty that has also been far removed from the realities on the ground. Quite frankly, all [scholars] are entitled to personal opinions, for globalization is but a multifaceted concept that encapsulates changing fortunes [both for the rich and the poor], but with a convincing conviction that deregulated markets and the accompanying elements creates super-humans who earn their lifestyles even by the most despicable moves that includes but not limited to taking the world’s poor six feet under. ...
nd than going global is but a better way of encouraging higher standards; that apart from the increased overall quality of goods and services due to the increased competition, the development of information technologies has enabled crucial knowledge enhancing exchanges between nations, the poorest included. More importantly, it has availed the hitherto unavailable access to foreign capital in addition to advanced technology and subsequent export markets, thus breaking the jinx of the old, domestic monopoly production approaches riddled with wasteful inefficiencies (Osland 137-138). Martens and Raza notes that globalization has added a great deal of impetus to the world’s economic growth, without which the population of the worlds’ poor would be much greater, and in even much deplorable circumstances without the advances that has secured a stream of food supply for the world poor that know less of family planning even at their states of affairs (281). It is, however, unfortunate that while globalization is credited for the significant improvements above across the globe, the global nature tendencies of the same forces have destroyed lives in equal measure, perhaps even worse than the benefits. A carefully designed process whose control is a tightly knit affair in the hands of the transnational corporations (TNCs) suspended by the governments of wealthy industrialized nations, the interests of the world’s poor seems to have been relegated to the periphery. With capitalist mindsets driving the disproportionate allocation of resources globally, capital movement, exchange, revenue, structural adjustment and interest seem to be the trending terms, yet sinking the disadvantaged by taking away even the very little in their custody. Indeed, it is; for never in history has ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Globalization Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words - 1.
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...969. Reprinted in1999. In S. During, The Cultural Studies Reader. London and New York: Routledge, pp. 31-41. Cave, A., Maharaj, U.,Gibson, N. and Jackson, E. 1995. Physicians and immigrant patients: cross-cultural communication. Canadian Family Physician 41, pp. 1685-1690. Ching, L. 2001. Globalizing the Regional, Regionalizing the Global: Mass Culture and Asianism in the Age of Late Capital. In A. Appadurai, (Ed.). Globalization (Public Culture Book). Duke University Press, pp. 279-306. During, S. 1999. The Cultural Studies Reader. London and New York: Routledge. hooks, b. 1994. A Revolution of values: the promise of multicultural change. Reprinted 1999 in S. During, The Cultural Studies Reader. London and New York: Routledge, pp....
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... towards interconnections. Economic factors also contribute to international connections through demand and supply forces that move resources from their regions of surplus productions to areas that experience scarcity across regional and international borders. Another concept of globalization is its “rapid and discontinuous change” with time and across regions as indicated by historical data (Parker, 2005, P. 7). The level of developed interconnections for example grows with identified kinks that relates to major economic changes in regions. Different communication efficiencies across regions also identify variation in the rate of globalization across different areas. This is because initiated factors in a region transfers to other regions...
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... wings. The various ways by which globalization helps a company to spread widely are cited below. The process of globalization incorporates the regional economies, culture and society, through a global network of execution and communication which helps the company to communicate with a larger group of consumers. It refers to the reduction and removal of national barriers in order to maintain the flow of goods and services which as a result unites different nations It is a trend for the countries to move forward and join together economically. The concept is to view the whole world as one nation Globalization gives consumers an exposure to the world of various goods and services according to their need (Bergen, 2004). Recommendation for John...
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...history that several phenomena like exchange of ideas, thoughts, ambition, trade and technology have evolved giving rise to globalization. Phenomena of different centuries that have played the most important roles in globalization Several phenomena of different centuries have played the most important roles in globalization. These phenomena are the ideas, ambition and plan of accession to the thrown in order to gain complete control of the bureaucracy, military and thereafter to play a national role in the overall development of their nations through exchange with the international community. The regimes of President Assad in Syria and Saddam Hussein in Iraq since the 1960s indicate that...
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Globalization a way that is potentially damaging to developing nations. In fact it is structured in a manner that lifts wealth and knowledge from poor economies to economically and politically stable economies. In regards to economic and cultural growth it is evident that significant growth over a number of has been noticed. It is important to note that the contemporary situation is fundamental to the earlier events. This is accelerated by the speed, complexity and magnitude of communication networks that are involved. Due to this, the volume of trade, size of interaction and risks associated with globalization has virtually gone high giving globalization unimagined force. In fact, within the accelerated interconnection of world economies, deep...
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Globalization and Anti-Globalization

.... The layman's perception is predominantly confined to economic aspects of globalization, which is a very narrow perspective and is mostly confined to a mere expansion of trade and investments. However, the process of globalization has much wider implications that go beyond the mere internationalization of markets. In its ambit, it includes the conception and development of statutory and institutional frameworks that should be able to capture and manifest the quintessence of what is meant by globalization. Globalization is a phenomenon that is not only expected to redefine the political and business priorities throughout the world, but is also expected to lead to a...
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The Role of the World Trade Organization in Globalization

The protests according to the President of Mexico came from people who were either ignorant of the exact situation despite having a genuine concern and hence were swayed by emotions or by those who had become insecure in their jobs with globalization.
WTO claimed that the first charge was a misconception. It claimed that it opposed measures that use environmental protection as a guide for the protection of domestic industries against foreign competition and not to the measures to protect the environment as the allegations suggested. WTO debated that under its rules, environmental protection measures are prohibited only if those measures treat foreign producers more harshly than domestic producers. It was later found as seen i...
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The Impact of Globalization on National HRM Systems

Two countries that demonstrate HRM practices that are at polar ends of the spectrum are Japan and the United States; however while globalization has produced some diffusion in practices, national systems remain substantially unchanged.

The phenomenon of globalization is inter-connectedness among the various nations of the world on the basis of economic ties. According to Thomas Friedman, globalization is the “inexorable integration of markets, nation-states, and technologies…..the spread of free-market capitalism to virtually every country in the world.” (Friedman, 2000, p 7-8). Mittelman also refers to globalization as a historical transformation - “a political response to the expansion of mark...
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Globalization and Terrorism - the Two Sides of One Coin

Interacting with persons of vastly dissimilar societal backgrounds has become commonplace and necessary. This has opened the doorway of all nations for members of terrorist groups, who openly despise Western cultures, to infiltrate which has lead to mortally dangerous and economically disastrous consequences. Terrorist acts in a particular country affect the people and property of that nation but severely threatens the economic prosperity of all nations in this inter-connected world. This discussion examines the paradox of globalization, that it supplies both the vehicle and justification for terrorist’s actions. The fear of terrorism is one of personal safety for the average person but, arguably, the greatest threat is fina...
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The Role of Globalization in the Development of Firms Competitiveness

The power of firms within their local market defines their potential to compete effectively the other firms that operate within the same sector in the international market. The fact that despite the existence of many multinationals, local firms have often more powerful presence within the market of a specific country that supports the above view. As an example, we could refer to the supermarket industry and the case of UK where Tesco, a firm that is well expanded across the country dominates the country’s relevant market despite the fact that there are other firms within the same market that have become international, like the case of Marks and Spencer. Indeed, in accordance with a series of current data (the most current av...
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Globalization and Its Health Impact in South Korea

It depended on the size of the country, the international specialization of the economy, the availability and distribution of assets, its human capital and infrastructure and the quality of a nation’s domestic policies (Cornia, 2001). According to Kwon (2002), Korea has neglected health and social development contrary to industrialized and mature welfare states. 

Globalization is a product of the interaction of technology, culture, and economics, which leads to compression of time, space and cognition (Labonte & Schrecker, 2006). It is the philosophy of One World where geographical boundaries become a blur. Korea was among the ten countries that responded to the economic crisis that led them to rely on lo...
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Globalization and International Business: Starbucks Corporation

The Small Business Encyclopedia defines globalization as the process by which the economies of countries around the world become increasingly integrated over time. This integration occurs as technological advances expedite the trade of goods and services, the flow of capital, and the migration of people across international borders (globalization,
The shreds of evidence of globalization are all around us. For example, Hill (2005) cites an example of an American driving a car designed and produced in Germany that was assembled in Mexico from components made in Japan fabricated by Korean steel and Malaysian rubber. The car is filled with gasoline from oil pumped from off the coast of Africa, at a service station o...
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The Globalization Policies in Different Countries

...International trade International trade Introduction The Globalization, Liberalization and Privatization policies adopted by different countries, opened the doors widely open for international trade. Foreign investment and participation in business is welcomed by many countries. The consumers will get better products at cheap rates because of the competition in the market. For example, as per the economic principle, scarcity of a commodity creates demand in the market and hence the price of that commodity will go up. Because of the foreign participation in domestic market, the customers will never fee any scarcity and hence the prices will come down definitely. But most of the countries are still confused about the extent...
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Globalization and Protectionism in Our Century

... economic situation with an eye to the main theoretical approaches to the globalization phenomenon, different theoretical paradigms will be analyzed. Mexico, a developing country in the Western Hemisphere and member of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), will be used as a case study to explore the ramifications of realist-inspired neoliberalism and the effects of globalization on a country in the developing world. Interdependence and the Emergence of GlobalizationGlobalization, as it exists today, rests largely on the shoulders of neoliberal economics and the global entrenchment of capitalism as the dominant economic system in the world. Inspired by Realist ideological doctrine, neo-liberalism is the belief in laissez-faire...
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Globalization and World Economic Forum at Davos 2010

... globalization is determined by the extent of globalization of customers, customer needs, distribution channels and marketing strategies of the players in the industry (Stonehouse et al, 2004). The organizations are resorting to global marketing due to three business development trends: Buyers with similar needs proliferating across the world The readiness of the consumers to trade off their specific needs to get better deal such as lower price or better quality Aggressive pursuit of economies of scale by the companies across their value chain (Dornier et al, 1998) The phenomenon of globalization of markets has resulted in both advantages and disadvantages. It has resulted in the convergence in the requirement of features in a product...
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An Objective Argument that Justifies Globalization

The development and proper framework on globalization came out clearly through the establishment of international monetary funds that came up with four categorizations of globalization concepts. These included investments and capital movement, the transaction of trades, people’s migration and transfers of knowledge. It helped push the agenda of globalization of moving goods, capital and services across national boundaries into other territories (Bakari, n.d).
This paper aims to discuss globalization with a critical evaluation of its benefits and demerits across the various sectors of global operations. It aims to give an objective argument that justifies globalization and its processes as well as offers a gloom scenario...
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