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Globalisation - Essay Example

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The writer of the essay "Globalization" suggests that globalization cannot be termed as a homogenizing force, but it could be used as a tool towards that end. The world stands witness to the fact that Globalisation has created tremendous opportunities and vast possibilities laced with problems…
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Extract of sample "Globalisation"

"Globalisation was the byword of the 1990s, reflecting the rapid growth of international financial transactions, the integration of developing countries into the world economy, and the information and communications revolution that brought satellite television, the cell phone, and the Internet to remote corners of the world," - Bordo et al (2003) p.533.

The world stands witness to the fact that Globalisation has created tremendous opportunities and vast possibilities laced with some hitherto unseen problems. On one hand, it has triggered off tremendous progress in transport, communication, tourism, information technology, education and trade while on other it has also stimulated fear, insecurity, loss of individuality and ethnicity.

Contemporary Globalisation is riddled with many corresponding theories. Network theory is one of the most prominent among them. Internationalisation, communication networks and business networks play the most important part in globalisation. While, patriotism and national chauvinism are other factors that are resisting globalisation, there is a looming public fear of disappearance of local ethnic cultures coupled with the old and substantial fear of colonialisation.

When we look at the effects of globalization on religion, the church itself is unsure of the good effects of globalisation on mankind. Urbanisation and fast phased life is not admired in sedate communities. Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism and many more religions are against Globalization and view it suspiciously as the most materialistic tool in the wrong hands. Ethics in globalisation has become another important factor and again it touches 19th century geographic traditions. A world ethics is emerging out of globalisation. Even while imposing ethical values on other cultures, globalisation leaders should be careful not to hurt the regional feelings. Terrorism is at a new high. Mollifying the jihad enthusiasts had been impossible till now. Future cultural uniformity is threatening the uniqueness of their regions and religions. Here Globalisation is seen as a threat to their very integrity and habitat. They are fighting to protect their homes and hearths.

As the famous dictum goes "men who got the same things, shared the same culture;" Naturally it depends on the inherent economics and consumption similarities. Modernity threatens with its underlying uniformity. Expansion of western civilisation is always combined with the dominance of western culture and this is not always palatable to other cultures. Old World has cultural diversities, differences of every kind. Rarities and peculiarities of regions are fast diminishing under globalisation. "In short, new economic geographies are in the making: economic geographies that are global in their reach, changes that produce competition on a global scale and that reflect new conditions of production," according to Cox (1997) p.2.

It is believed homogeneity will over-last the differentiation. Today's issues are mainly McDonald hamburger, cola world and its clash with the local cultures. Clash will continue between local and international in every sphere of life and it will go on till local becomes international and international is accepted as local. Globalisation cannot be termed as a homogenising force, but it could be used as a tool towards that end. Read More
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