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 This essay focuses on the principles of design which affect everyday life in a number of ways. Media designers including creators of newspapers, web pages, advertising work with a basic set of principles. Some visuals are more attracted to the eyes when you look at them. …
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Do you Think the Principles of Design Affect Everyday Life
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Do you Think the Principles of Design Affect Everyday Life?
The principles of design affect everyday life in a number of ways. Media designers including creators of newspapers, web pages, advertising and all other visual media images work with a basic set of principles. Musicians, writers and artists also operate with the principles of design. Some visuals are more attracting to the eyes when you look at them. Normally, this not by accident, it is because of a careful planning based on principles of design.
Usually, majority of people prefer their lives to have balance, they do not like living on the edge. People want order in their lives. The same applies in design. Balance in design is concerned with the way a designer distributes the weight on every side of image. When a designer gives much weight to the right side as to the left, the bottom and the top, this is referred to as symmetry. There are number of way to create symmetry. A symmetrical page in a newspaper would have the right side and the left side of the page balanced. Doing this sometimes is ok; however having everything balanced in a publication all the time is boring. People like balance in their lives, however they do not like seeing at symmetrical things always.
Occasionally, it is necessary to approach media design of an image via asymmetry. This implies dissimilar but equal visual weight on each side. Thus, you would give one side of the page more weight via visuals, lettering, color etc. This implies that you do not have a page in the sense that all regions of page are equal in what they contain (Sayre, 106).
In design, balance is achieved via optical weights. This implies that a designer/artist decision on the significance of elements, and their positioning on the page lead the viewer through the page. In other word, the designer guide the viewer’s eyes where he wants them to go- from the most significant to what he thinks is least. The designer knows what he considers most significant elements and those that are not very important and thus he arranges them in such a manner.
Scale is something that works naturally. It is basically arranging spaces in an image in an attractive relationship. The larger something is, the more space it should take in the picture. Another approach to consider scale is to assume that things that are more significant are made larger (Sayre, 103). So, the more significant things are larger than the less significant things in the picture.
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Sayre Henry M. A World of Art. UK, Pearson, 2013. Print Read More
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