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I would like to congratulate every one of us for the sterling performance that our organization has shown in last fiscal year. After so much consideration with the management, the record group has decided to…
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Ace records
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Office Upgrade Office Upgrade I thank every one of you for finding time to attend to this call. I would like to congratulate everyone of us for the sterling performance that our organization has shown in last fiscal year. After so much consideration with the management, the record group has decided to reallocate the office to a much better place after the organization increased its budget by fifty percent. In the new offices, everyone will have his or her office furnished with new desks and chairs that will make it easy to carry out your duties effectively. Before you commence your duties in your new stations, you will be allocated a sum of three hundred dollars to enable you buy some of the things that you may find necessary for your operations. With this money, you can buy items such as personal clocks, carpets to make the office welcome and some source of entertainment like a radio to keep you company.
The organization through this transformation, will intrinsically make us comfortable while we carry out our duties. This new environment will also allow for privacy given that everyone will operate in his or her own office. Extrinsically, the firm will attract more customers which will generate more income. I know some obstacles such as competition from other well-doing companies will arise but we shall put so much effort as possible. Competition is necessary in a company because it develops hard work in all business firms (Silverstein, 2007).
I wish you all the best in your undertakings hoping that you will now dedicate yourselves to make this record group become one of the best in this region and beyond. All of us will be glad when in the next few years, we relocate to a much better and bigger station to make our performance even better.
Silverstein, B. (2007). Best practices: Motivating employees: Bringing out the best in your
people. New York: Harper Collins Books. Read More
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