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Performing Purchasing Agent Duties - Research Paper Example

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Waters is a media based company that deals in various lines of the business for example they do the business of purching and selling computer soft ware and even online initiatives that are composed of the music, provision of the news and the culture of the youths. The programs…
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Performing Purchasing Agent Duties
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Download file to see previous pages It operated in large scale with very flexible approaches to business decisions concerning the entrepreneurial skills where there is hierarchy but the ideas flows from the bottom-up and top-down. This paper therefore seeks to assess the role of the purchasing agents in the Waters Inc. company and develop a request for proposal for companies dealing in computer soft wares
To obtain the information on the project that the company is yet to get into, this gives the opportunity for the company to learn about the project and determine whether the client is a good match that can help the company to prepare their bids and draw up contracts (Cheng, Farooq & Johansen, 2011). The questions will also help to make the client to be aware of the basic requirements and find out whether they are capable of meeting them.
The company of the Waters Inc. has issued this request for proposal for an integrated document management software system that are set for implementation to meet the operational requirement of the of the various departments that may include building safety, finance and management services and even the administrations. The company request for Five Pentium two computers, each of the computer to be powered by 500 megahertz microprocessor that has a RAM of 32 MB and can be expanded up to the capacity of 500 MB of RAM and a hard drive of 8 gigabytes with 3.5 inch floppy disk drives.
The purpose of this request for proposal (REP) is to give information that is sufficient to allow the interested parties (offerors) to prepare and submit their detailed proposals to the Waters Inc. finance department that is the treasury for consideration. Office in charge of issuing the computer soft wares (treasury) has issued this REP on behalf of the Waters Inc. Company. The only person to be contacted on matters relating to the soft wares in the Waters Inc. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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