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In clip 3/6 Hamza Yusuf raises concern over perennial infighting in the Muslim world. He blames the west for manufacturing deadly weapons, selling those weapons to Islamic countries, and then orchestrating wars within these countries…
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Islam and War
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Islam and War In clip 3/6 retrieved from http, Hamza Yusuf raises concern over perennial infighting in the Muslim world. He blames the west for manufacturing deadly weapons, selling those weapons to Islamic countries, and then orchestrating wars within these countries. Yusuf is critical of the idea of the West, more so the United States, of pointing fingers to Muslim countries and blaming them for causing chaos and wars in the world. According to Yusuf, while Muslims have the duty to redeem themselves from this kind of mental slavery and infighting, it is also an opportune time for the West to stop creating opportunities for these wars to thrive. Terrorism and advancement of radical Islamic teachings are among the greatest threats in the 21st century. Coincidentally, these vices are being propagated by majorly the Muslims thus informing my concern on this issue of “Islam and War.”
It goes without doubt that the peace of the entire world is threatened by the advancement of radical Islamic teachings. As at the moment, the so called Islamic State (ISIS) militants are engaged in a war in the bid to convert Muslim countries to an Islamic state. Iraq and Syria among other countries are trying to contain these militants. ISIS as at the moment is engaged in war with the governments of affected countries. The West has moved into action to stop ISIS. The question that then begs for answers is: who is providing weapons for militants groups such as ISIS? Yusuf argues out that no Muslim countries manufactures sophisticated weaponry as those used by ISIS. Most of these weapons are bought from the West. In these regard, it is absolutely absurd to blame Muslim as bad people. Instead, the West ought to rethink their weaponry obligations to some of these Islamic countries.
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Islam and War Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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