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The paper analyses the poem “Facing It”. The poem is an emotional piece of literature in which the author brings out the response of people regarding the memorial in Vietnam. It shows the retrospect that Komunyakaa has about the events in Vietnam, where he worked as a correspondent…
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The poem Facing It by Yusef komunyakaa
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Download file to see previous pages In the poem, Komunyakaa attempts to reveal that while some things seem to fade away and disappear, they get connected to other things that give them a true and deeper meaning. These, despite providing the anticipated sorrowful meaning, bring about the feeling of pleasure and fulfillment instead. In this case, Yusuf visits the memorial in the full awareness that sorrowful memories would be brought back in “He’s lost his right arm” to show a colleague’s injury. In this sense, therefore, it is revealed that incidences of the past, although they are gone and forgotten, can rekindle past sorrowful memories when the items associated with them are encountered and revisited. Therefore, though new accounts in life cover the past incidences and make people think that they have attained new emotions, sorrowful episodes in the past cannot be easily forgotten. Regardless of the efforts we make to put them away, they keep coming back from time to time when the memory is awakened. It is thus Komunyakaa’s visit to the Lin’s memorial a year earlier than the poem was written and that deeply shaped his experience in relation to the war. In this sense, therefore, it can be concluded that it is only when individuals revisit items that remind them of their past experiences that they realise the truth regarding happenings in the society. (Komunyakaa 1-31). Memories Brought about by the Visit to the Memorial The poem talks about the reminiscence of a difficult period of war in the poem. Though he fights hard and is in constant conflict to leave these memories in his past, there are still some associated elements that unearth them. He in this case feels a similar pain like before. However, those who were not involved in the same occurrences appear not to share this same sad feeling. The poet is shown to be an African American when he says, “My black face fades” (Komunyakaa 1) to reveal his skin colour and the new emotions that set in. With this, a notion is created that it is mostly the African Americans that were fully associated with the memorial since they are the ones who suffered more. As such, it is through the poet's own identification with his ethnic identity that he is able to relate to the dark side of the memorial and the dark colour of the granite. Thus, it is mainly the similarities in colour that tends to depict the people who were associated with the memorial (Reddy and TuSmith 148). The poet, who is the persona, is shown to express a sorrowful feeling when he visits the Vietnams Veteran Memorial wall (Komunyakaa 11). He evokes emotions that show his grief and emotional toll brought about by his experiences during the war. As one of the survivors, he is not able to forget what they went through and put them behind him despite his efforts to overcome them. The ethnicity of the poet gives emphasis in, “My black face fades/hiding into the black granite” (Komunyakaa 1-2). Black in this sense is emphasised to make an association with his skin colour as well as that of the memorial. It thus presents the connection between him as a black American and the memorial. It thus brings about deep emotions that relate to his war experience. Thus, he can be shown to bear a feeling of disappointment towards himself with regard to his performance. It can be said to be as a result of his black identity, which is mentioned (Reddy and TuSmith 148). Nonetheless, Yusef makes an effort to reveal that the trials and tribulations experienced during the war cannot be easily forgotten. With this, a great disparity is noticed between the past struggles of the poet and the present emotional feelings. While in the past he is shown to be ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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