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Analysis of Video about Orientalism - Movie Review Example

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The "Analysis of Video about Orientalism" paper focuses on the video “On Orientalism” which takes the shape of an interview. It is based on Edward Said’s 1978 book, Orientalism. This has led to a more modernized study of the Middle East and involved in the creation and shaping of new fields…
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Analysis of Video about Orientalism
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Extract of sample "Analysis of Video about Orientalism"

Download file to see previous pages Said argues that “Orientalism was ultimately a political vision of reality whose structure promoted the difference between the familiar (Europe and West who he calls “us) and the strange (the Orient, the East whom he calls “them”)”. (Boer 15) The Orientalists are believed to have drawn the imaginary line of the world of “ours” and “theirs”. He aims to show that the structure of Orientalism is a structure of immense stereotyping falsehoods and mythical.

The video aims at showing the real and true image of the Middle East thus giving an understanding of what kind of people live there, how they act and what they believe in. The Orient according to Said is a system of representations that have been framed by political forces. The orient is portrayed as the ‘’other”, alien and inferior to the West. Their representation is according to the West’s interpretation of who they are (Boer 14). The Europeans portray themselves as superior to the Orients who are also termed as uncivilized. The generalizations of attributes of the Orients such as the Arabs seen as uncivilized, oil exporters or potential terrorists and Islam seen as a religion of terrorist is the main basis of Said’s argument in the video. Said states that this is “a subtle and persistent Eurocentric prejudice against Arab-Islamic people and their culture”. (Boer 79)
The 1978 Arab - Israeli war that saw the media portray the Arabs as cowardly and uncivilized, not knowing how to fight and the historical life experiences as an Arab led to Said’s interest in Orientalism. In the 1850s, Said argues that it was difficult to talk about or read about the Middle East. There were repertory images that were used such as the East being portrayed as a sensual woman there to be sort and used by the man. The view of the Middle East by music, arts, paintings, and literature as being a place filled with monsters and secrets wasn’t a realistic picture of who the Orients were (Boer 150) ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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