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From the videos, I believe other persons that can benefit from support and options tailored towards a program that meets their unique needs are the educators and sponsors of education. Since they make a good percentage of the stakeholders in education, I am of the opinion that…
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Watching Video
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Watching Video Watching Video Part From the videos, I believe other persons that can benefit from support and options tailored towards a program that meets their unique needs are the educators and sponsors of education. Since they make a good percentage of the stakeholders in education, I am of the opinion that they will be extremely useful in making sure that both males and females work together as opposed to against each other as the 51% percent video stipulates (FRANCE 24 English, 2015). This means that gender inequality can be minimized though the law is applied differently to the genders. It is also evident that women can do better or even be at par with the men in different fields. With jobs being created, for instance in the computer-related fields, it is of the essence to equip the women so as they can take part in activities that have been said to be of the men’s domain (Covergirl, 2014). The women will also be inspired, educated and equipped for the changing world, especially in terms of technology. The educators and sponsors will also be beneficial in the elimination of the gender bias that exists in the education sector since they will help in clarifying the fact that girls also have needs just like the boys have in the classroom setting as akinsmadison12 (2014) explains.
Part 2
As a future PPS, I will identify disenfranchised students through constant interaction with them so as I identify and relate to their needs; ultimately find ways of meeting these needs. This will help the authority provide opportunities for the learners to excel socially and academically, regardless of their cultural composition.
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Watching Video Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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