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However, the division limits the relationship of the institution working together leading to gridlock between the presidency and the Congress (Edwards, Barrett…
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Quiz 3
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Divided government limits the potential of what? Divided government has been found to provide an essential platform when important legislation are passed by the house. However, the division limits the relationship of the institution working together leading to gridlock between the presidency and the Congress (Edwards, Barrett and Peake). Moreover, a divided government lead to the appointment of professional in the justice system that carry on with the party’s agenda while disregarding the essence of justice.
2. Explain presidential signings statements. What are they used for?
A presidential signing statement is a “written comment by the president issued at the time he is signing a piece of legislation” (Woolley and Peters). The signings comments are used to emphasise important of legislation. For example, a piece of legislation had been passed on the time when it is needed the most, or it serves to solve some pressing problem at the time (Woolley and Peters).
3. Why is the notion of collective leadership, or collegial leadership, incompatible with the United States?
The United State emphasis and practise individualism more than collectivism because the former drives people to produce more and thus the economy of the country is always growing. However, collectivism leads to laxity among some individuals who are not willing to work as hard as other people. Therefore, this phenomenon is experienced even in politics where Politician’s and stick to their party ideology. This obstructs opportune moment of collective bargaining and bipartisan legislation.
4. Describe what a legislative veto is and how Congress has used it. Give a historical explain.
A legislative veto is an administrative law that is passed by a majority of congress to object or nullify an executive order (Cornell University Law School). For example, The Caribbean Basin Economic Recovery Act requires a Congressional veto for it to be effected. The act was published in August 5, 1983 even after it has been found unconstitutional by the Supreme Court.
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Quiz 3 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words - 2.
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