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Many excuses have been made by Asian leaders against human rights and democracy to prevent them from spreading in their societies. Asian leaders have also introduced new concepts that…
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Download file to see previous pages In this Essay I will focus on Tatsuo’s three main ideas of sovereignty, Asian culture and tradition, and religious diversity.
Tatsuo views the Asian values as unauthentic and driven from an anti-West centric stance. In fact, the Asian governments invented this concept to increase their power and silence Asians’ voices by restricting their liberties. According to Tatsuo, the term Asian value is a concept used by Asian leaders to protect their societies from being invaded by Western concepts that contradict with their culture and tradition.
Indeed, Tatsuo suggests that even though Asian leaders do not like the idea of democracy – viewing it as a Western value that is being forced into their society, they contradict themselves by accepting the term sovereignty, which is also a Western concept that was introduced by philosophical westerners such as Jean Bodin and Machiavelli. In fact, Tatsuo points that Asian society uses sovereignty as a way to place the power of the state above the individual rights. A good example is Bangkok Declaration that manipulates the meaning of sovereignty by illustrating the importance of respecting the nation and not interfering with foreign affairs.
In my opinion, Tatsuo’s argument on sovereignty is valid. Introducing democracy to Asian society will disrupt the hierarchy system that places the state on top of its citizens. In fact, increasing the individuals’ respect and love for their state will increase their feeling of responsibility towards their nation and consider protecting their states as their first priority regardless of their human rights. Indeed, the more value is given to the state the more power it will have and the less power individuals will feel, which will increase their fear of expressing their voices even if their rights are violated. Indeed, this hierarchy system allows the state to control its citizens easily under the right of sovereignty and disregarding the rights of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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