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Modernity and Tradition in Asia - Essay Example

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Cultural nationalism forms an important part of modern history in a way that helps one to understand the issues surrounding the quests for national cohesion and integration. In scenarios where a foreign culture threatens the historical and indigenous culture, cultural nationalism comes in handy…
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Modernity and Tradition in Asia
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Extract of sample "Modernity and Tradition in Asia"

Download file to see previous pages Modern history discusses the historical timeline after the middle Ages. It has two stages which include; early modern and the late modern periods. Contemporary history tells more about the period of historic events that are immediately applicable to the present time. Modern period is a period of important growth in various fields that include; politics, warfare, technology and science, these fields not only dominated the Western Europe and North America but nearly every cultured area on the world. Cultural nationalism is a body that mainly forms the modern political societies within an unsanctioned state authority hence it is a form in which a nation is defined by an inherited culture and it is a strong belief that interests a particular state.
Role of cultural nationalism in china
Cultural nationalism played some roles in the China community and made it what it is today. The China’s nationalism today (present) was produced by its pride in its history and its century of the humiliation at the hands of the west and the Japan. The Chinese nationalism had a positive impact that came all over during the post WWII era.
Role of cultural nationalism in India
Nationalism is commonly understood as a political concept hence, it is an ideology that provides source for the national integration, solidity and as well as seeking national independence from the colonial. Cultural nationalism has played a major role in the political reshaping of all the central Europe. During the post-WWII era nationalism emerged as a powerful force. It acted as a suitable system of acquiring economic aid and security declaration.
During the post- WWII era nationalism reemerged as a serious factor in improving the worldwide political scene in the post cold war era. Modern Asian Civilizations Civilization is a controversial word that has been used in various connected ways. It is used to refer to the human cultures which are obviously complex in terms of science, technology and division of labor. The civilization advancement is usually and often measured by its progress in long distance trade, agriculture, urbanism and occupational specialization. 1. Japan The Japanese civilization began in approximately A.D. 400 when the Yamato clan who were based in Kyoto gained extreme control of family groups in the Western and Central Japan. In the 700s the Japan was influenced by China, this influence made the Yamato clan to set up a majestic court that was similar to that of the China. The Yamato ruling system contributed largely to the formation of the Japanese culture and its tradition that stated gods of the others should be venerated equally hence other people’s gods should be treated and be compared to their own gods (this Japanese tradition stills remains to date) (Matsumoto and Hosaka 1). 2. China China being an East Asian country has a large territory, an ancient history and a huge population. It has written records that date back to 4000 years. China is considered to be an ancient civilization that extends over a large area in the East Asia. China is among one of the four great world’s oldest civilizations and one among the most highly developed societies and economies. Most of the china’ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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