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Quiz 2 - Essay Example

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Admittedly, Americans hold closely similar conception about the presidency. First, the president features as the most conventional…
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Quiz 2
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Extract of sample "Quiz 2"

Quiz 2: American Politics Questions Question In his work d, ‘Popular Images of the President’, Greenstein strongly asserts that the president acts as a cognitive aid to the citizenry. Admittedly, Americans hold closely similar conception about the presidency. First, the president features as the most conventional figure of politics. In this case, the citizens, especially young adults, derive cognitive concepts of politics by observing the president. On the other hand, children perceive the president as a father figure and a symbol of parental authority (Shelley 17). Therefore, citizens use the president and his office as a cognitive aid in understanding politics and unity.
Question 2
Within the White House workforce, there are numerous persons assuming distinct job titles. One of such job titles is that of the Press Secretary. A press secretary is among the most senior officials in the White House staff. Literally, a press secretary talks to the press (Shelley 52). Anyone assuming this title plays the role of a spokesperson. This means a press secretary tells the world of the president’s thoughts and reactions to domestic and international opinions. In addition, a press secretary delivers information about White House proceedings to the public.
Question 3
Permanent campaign is a term first coined by Patrick Caddell in 1976. In a letter written to President Carter, Caddell proposed a concept of continuing campaign as opposed to short term campaigns in politics. Consequently, the last three American presidents, including Obama, have stressed the concept of permanent campaign in their terms. Technically, permanent campaign refers to a situation where politicians initiate campaign projects as soon as an election is completed (Shelley 48). Instead of halting the campaign mood after an election, democrats and republicans engage in extended battle for democratic thinking. Consequently, permanent campaigns have caused a situation where political goals held by individuals and parties become active throughout the periods between election exercises.
Question 4
Admittedly, a president’s background is influential in shaping his executive tenure. Essentially, presidency is a public office with defined tasks. In order to display enhanced performance, office holders should possess the requisite experience in handling social, political and economic matters of the general public. In this context, an office holder’s background determines the level of expertise observed throughout a president’s tenure.
Work Cited
Shelley, Mack. American Government and Politics Today: The essentials. 5th Ed. New York: Cengage Learning, 2013. Print. Read More
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Quiz 2 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words - 2.
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