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A filibuster in the great United State Senate, basically refers to an obstruction or dilatory measures used to prevent or block certain assess from being voted for (Abegg, 2013, p. 219). The common type of a filibuster comes after a certain senator tries to delay or completely…
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U.S. Constitution In 1787 and Today
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United s Constitution: Filibuster law in the United s A filibuster in the great United Senate, basically refers to an obstruction or dilatory measures used to prevent or block certain assess from being voted for (Abegg, 2013, p. 219). The common type of a filibuster comes after a certain senator tries to delay or completely prevent a vote on a certain bill by rather extending the discussion on the issue at hand (Steffen, 2012, p. 201). The usual rule allows the senator or a number of senators to talk on the measure for as long as they want on any particular topic they decide to chose unless the three fifths of the senators duly chosen and also sworn. In the United States, the senate voted for the change of rules that enabled the republican to prevent the president Barack Obama nominees for the top administrative posts (Abegg, 2013 p. 219).
The senators approved the partisan measures that were to ban the filibuster so as to prevent the nominated personnel from being confirmed (Ford, 2013, p. 214). Harry Reid in his speech about supporting the measure, he accused the Republicans of preventing the nominees in the pursuit of unrelated legislative expectations or goal. Reid argued that the republicans used the filibuster laws weapon for preventing president Obama from choosing and appointing an executive representative and also, appointing the judges. The blocking of the filibuster law does seem constitutionally because, on the other hand, the filibuster acted as the weapon barrier to prevent the president from passing many bills, but they had a right to their opinion (Steffen, p. 202). After the law was blocked, the senator’s power was deducted from the senate to the president. The president was enacted with so much power than before the bill was changed in 2013. This law was mostly used by the republicans more than three times in November to block president Obama from confirming votes on the judges nominated to fill the vacancies on the United States for the Washington DC (The Guardian). Reid also argued that the Republicans objected the bills not because they do not have the qualifications, but just because they wanted just to undermine the government, they were elected to work for (Kenneth, 2013, p. 129).
Reactions by Some Republicans
Senator Dan Coates reacted by saying he change of the rule was an idea of weakening the founding fathers of the democracy, and he said it was yet another power grabbing from the republicans. Senator Kelly Ayotte reacted to the rule by saying that the grab of the power is so much disappointing to all the republicans in the United State government, she said the same way they rammed the” Obamacare” on the party paths, the same way they have they have destroyed the rules of the senate. Senator Jeff Sessions reacted on the senate rule by saying that Harry Reid should not act like a dictator that he has no power to decide at any level how the senate works. This whole issue of the filibuster blocking by the senate was a total disappointment to the republicans. This is because most of the reacted in a furious manner on the issue, arguing that power was removed from them and instead given to the president (Macneill, 2013, p. 352). Conclusively, the filibuster law as told by Reid was undermined to the government by the republicans since in most of the times they just blocked some bills just for fun or to undermine the president and his ruling in the senate.
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