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I agree with you that the legislation stated in section 5402 of IRTPA is very important. The example you have given on Los Zetas cartel adds more strength to the point. Aliens with military training from a terrorist organization can turn out to collaborate with terrorists by helping them in conducting terror attacks. …
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Responses to Students Posting
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Responses to Posting Part Hi Jacob, I agree with you that the legislation d in section 5402 of IRTPA is very important. The example you have given on Los Zetas cartel adds more strength to the point. Aliens with military training from a terrorist organization can turn out to collaborate with terrorists by helping them in conducting terror attacks.
It is sad that some Americans claim the laws put in place are too strict for the immigrants. As much as most of these immigrants come to do aid in jobs that natives find hard to do, I support your stand that immigration is more of a security issue than it is a social one. The injustice that happened on 9/11, the lives that were lost, as well as the crisis that the terrorist attack led to, should be constant reminders to the people of United States on the importance of security. They should therefore not promote taking chances since the effects are evident.
I agree that there should be enough personnel to ensure our borders are safe and secure. More personnel indicate that there will be enhanced cooperation amongst them hence tightened security at our borders. It is good that you cared to point out our borders will never be truly secure. This is true since border security is not yet the most prioritized aspect in the US. Many are the times we hear cases of illegal aliens found in the country and one wonders how they managed to cross.
Part 2
Hi Lathaniel,
It is interesting that you realize execution of the amendments is key into ensuring that borders are safe. The amendments demanded for the increase of full time border patrol agents (IRTPA, 2004). However, as you have stated, other than the number, the agents have to be vigilant. I hope that since the number was increased, the agents will now concentrate more on their small-allocated areas hence enhance security. They should not choose to relax on their work and claim that they have less work since they are more in number.
You have mentioned implementation of the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative, which occurred on June 1, 2009. The implementation required that travelers from the Western Hemisphere present passports or necessary documents to let them enter the United States (U.S Customs and Border Protection). This initiative, I would say is more hectic for US citizens returning to their country, compared to the past. As much as this move as time consuming, hectic, and expensive, they should appreciate it because it works to protect them. Sealing all loopholes will not be achievable if we constantly compromise border entry.
This was a good piece presented well.
Part 3
Hi Lacey,
Just as you have mentioned, amendments done on Title V in IRTPA, aimed at improving the security at the United States border security (IRTPA). One amendment that I consider very essential and helpful is the increased penalties for those who are aiding in the transportation of aliens as well as those harboring them. Cartels are some of the groups responsible for trafficking aliens into the country. I feel that those enforcing the law should be allowed to limit their finances as well as travel interest. Investigations should also be carried out to confirm claims and if they are found guilty, harsher punishments such as arrests should be conducted. Such cartels like the Mexican drug lords have forcefully gained influence and have contributed to the decreased security at the US side of the border.
It is evidently hard to evaluate the length at which the amendments have been implemented. The facts you have presented on this matter display extensive research since you have compared the number of alien apprehension from 2007 through 2010 to 2013. Evident from the statistics presented, I concur with you that generally, security at our borders is much tighter than before the implementation of IRTPA (US Border Patrol 2014).
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"Total Illegal Alien Apprehensions." United States Border Patrol. N.P., n.d. Web. Accessed 20Th September 2014. .
IRTPA. Congressional Research Service. N.p., n.d. Web. 2014. Accessed 20Th September 2014. U.S. Customs and Border Protection. WHTI Program Background. Accessed on 20Th September, 2014.   Read More
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Responses to Students Posting Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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