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The paper "Responses to Students Postings" discusses that The writer Steven Coffman presents his findings from an approach whereby he looks at how and why both validity and reliability can be determined by using basic tests and scales. The combination of more than one scale at a time is highlighted…
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Responses to Students Postings
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Babatunde Sobanjo
The appropriately tackles the issue of tests and scales by first giving a background to the use of tests and scales and how and why they are used. There is also much information on how tests and scales are used to ascertain the validity of a piece of research work specifically, the writer writes on how tests and scales have been embedded with the of “predicting outcomes because they measure underlying traits of phenomena” (Frankfort-Nachmias & Nachmias, 2008). This approach taken by the writer gives a lot of confidence to the researcher who wants to use them that they will be offered a lot of advantages when they adopt this form of measurement (Gardener, 2009). 

Author: Steven Coffman
This was an important aspect for the writer to have covered because clears researcher who may have some doubts with introducing new forms of scales with an existing scale they may be dealing with from their doubts (Gardener, 2009).

Author: Andrew Babalola Student
Researchers get first-hand information as to the need for them to settle for one form of scale or the other. The writer could, however, elaborate more on the weaknesses of using specific scales so that researchers can be on the lookout for these weaknesses and address them appropriately in their research processes (Gardener, 2009, p. 232).

Author: Tamekia Montgomery
Much of the focus on the measurement of the validity with the use of scales was narrowed to the population that the researcher has to deal with. In this, the writer emphasized that a population is an accessible group of people that the researcher would have to be dealing with (Experiment Resource, 2011). By this, other researchers are offered an insight into how well to manipulate their populations to ensure that they achieve reliability and validity for each kind of scale that they choose (Gardener, 2009, p. 34). Read More
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Responses to Students Postings Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words - 2.
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