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4 discussions week 4 - Essay Example

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Select one of the commonly held beliefs that you identify with the most. Explain why you identify with this belief. Next, click the link and read the information provided. Has your belief…
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4 discussions week 4
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"4 discussions week 4"

Download file to see previous pages mindset, but I also severely disagree and find it to manifest from faulty reasoning, stereotyping, racial/ethnic bias, and even simply , in my opinion, “lazy” teaching. My perspective is unique to the special education student perspective. As I have addressed previously, though multi-cultural differences exist in these classrooms and certainly do enrich the diverse environment and opportunity for sharing of experiences, the curriculum is often so individualized that immersion activities for the entire class can be sparse. This is certainly not to say that these types of experiences should not be utilized as I believe it would be a disservice to the overall educational experience if diversity were dismissed due to lack of creativity, ingenuity and ability to make such information relatable on the part of the teacher. I do note that, even in the exceptional student classroom, standards and performance are expected of individual learners. No matter what the classroom, their tends to a disturbing trend that caters to the “need to know” perspective. In the Facilitator’s Guide, common belief 12 states: With all the pressures to raise student achievement, finding and using examples for the cultural, historic and everyday lived experiences of my students takes valuable time away from teaching and learning. So in reverse, I identify with this assertion, but do fervently disagree with its overall affect in practice. While compartmentalized learning experiences that facilitate higher test score in standardized, “high stakes”, testing do impart useful, identified information related to the prediction of future success in specified areas, I believe we miss the “human” experience by narrowing our perspectives to what have been select as superior information.
Knowledge and learning are comprised of many elements and many highly intelligent individuals find functioning effective in diverse environments and with people from said backgrounds difficult to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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4 Discussions Week 4 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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