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In business sense, the cultural environment of the organization influences the decision taken by either the management or the employers hence the need to decide what is wrong or right. To understand ethics…
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Ethics in Contemporary organizations
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Ethics in Contemporary Organizations Ethics is the moral judgment of an individual on what is right or wrong. In business sense, the cultural environment of the organization influences the decision taken by either the management or the employers hence the need to decide what is wrong or right. To understand ethics in a business setting the management should create ethical rules and regulations and ensure that every worker reads and understands them. They should also allow the workers to participate while making the rules to ensure that they are comfortable and valuable to every employee in the organization.
Ethnic leaders should have strong moral values and principles and are able to control their feelings. As such, they should be able to handle stressful situations through self-control and tolerance. Such leaders should always strive for success and be able to balance their personal and professional lives. Additionally, good leaders should learn new strategies to handle issues through scholarly means, advance their learning skills and seeking feedback from the rest of the crew ethical leaders should always be energetic at their work to set a good example to the workers and increase the effectiveness of the organization (Dhar & Indian Society for Training & Development, 2009 ). As such, organizational leaders ought to have high ethical standards as it encourages the employees in organization to meet the same level of ethnicity. An ethical leader enhances the reputation of the company and this increases the effectiveness of the organization.
An ethical organization attracts customers and this helps in the boosting of the sales and profits of the company. As such, the investors of the business are always at peace that their money is being used in the right way. Ethical employees adhere to the rules and regulations of the organization and ensure that they offer quality services to the company (Dhar & Indian Society for Training & Development, 2009).With this; these principles ensure that employees stay and meet the goals hence increasing the productivity. An organization with high moral principles strives to keep its customers by making sure that they provide insurance covers to them. Increasing the employees’ retention reduces the cost of replacing more employees. The principles ensure that the organization keeps the talented work and this increases the organizations productivity.
A principled company ensures that there is a good relationship between the management and the vendors. Through this, the leaders make certain that vendors are paid on time and are treated fairly. This ensures that the goods requested are brought on time and that customers do not lack and this builds confidence in the organization. A moral company ensures that they live in peace and harmony with the community and makes sure that they keep their words and promises to the society thus solidify trust from the community.
An organization set for success should have an ethical culture to ensure its effectiveness. As such, it is the management’s duty to create rules and make sure that they are followed. Additionally, everyone in an organization should follow these rules to enhance the reputation of the company. Every worker should be focused on advancing on their skills to offer quality services to the organization.
Organizational ethics is the principles of an organization and its reaction to internal or external stimuli. It states the worth of an organization to the employees, the government and the community at large. There are two approaches regarding the subject that is the individualistic approach and the communal approach. Each of the approaches views ethical principles in diverse angles that are used to solve ethical problems. More often than not, an organizational principle reflects more on the individualistic approach as the each person is responsible for his or her own actions.
Dhar, S., & Indian Society for Training & Development. (2009). Value based management for organizational excellence. New Delhi: Indian Society for Training & Development. Read More
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Ethics in Contemporary Organizations Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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