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Organizational Ethics - Essay Example

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Ethical behavior in organizations is determined by various factors. However, one prominent and continuous theme states that managers are the most significant element of an organization's ethical culture and consequent member behavior (Graham 65). Maintenance of organizational ethics and integrity is assumed to be among the behavioral skills that managers should actively practice…
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Organizational Ethics
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Extract of sample "Organizational Ethics"

Download file to see previous pages In most cases in an organization, unethical behavior is normally as a result of the subordinates actions. In order to foster a decision making and ethical climate in an organization, it is important for the concerned manager to create and give enough freedom to the workers. As a result, the workers are likely to exhibit more loyalty to the organization and this makes them less prone to unethical behavior such as theft. The results of a study carried out by Graham indicate that employees are more likely to be attracted to and more committed to ethical organizations.
As a manager in an organization, I would devote valuable employee time into training on ethical reasoning and ethical behavior; I would insist that ethical conduct should be exhibited even in the midst of aggressive competition. This would play a critical role in creation of a positive reputation in the organization. It would also enhance ethical climate as well as improving the decision making process.
Unethical behaviors are very prominent in business settings and they include a wide variety of different activities. Myer (123), states that there are limitless reasons as to why many people and organizations exhibit unethical behavior. However, the most prominent ones relate to ones personality and the ethical frame work an individual holds. This is due to the fact that the frame work may conflict with the ethical frame work that the organization holds.
In reference to the outlined and recent scandals, any individual is likely to fall into them. Therefore, this does not exempt me as a person, mainly due to the fact that I also hold unto some ethical frame work which would conflict with what others and the organization hold. It is therefore wise to devise ways in which to manage the potential ethical pitfalls in any organization, business, and company.
To start with, individuals in prominent positions in an organization should encourage ethical consciousness in a concerned and supportive manner. Secondly, a clear policy in writing should be allocated to all individuals involved; they should carefully read and sign against it to indicate that they have clearly understood the terms and conditions and that they are ready to abide by the requirements. This would play a critical role in promotion of ethical behavior.
In most instances, the personal ethics of leaders either positively or negatively impact the ethical behavior of an organization. They therefore play a big role in determining the kind of ethical behavior that is portrayed in an organization. In relation to the leaders, my ethical frame work may either positively or negatively influence my organization.
Myer, Craig. Contemporary Business. 2nd ed. New York: Oxford UP, 2000.
Week 4 # 4
The framework for ethical decision making process includes 10 stages which have been grouped into 5 steps (Greg 65). It provides a well defined direction in which one is expected to follow in order to achieve the best results during decision making process and formulation of ethical behavior. The first step involves recognition of an ethical issue in which the facts are collected. Evaluation of alternative actions follows up whereby a decision and a test are made. Lastly, one is expected to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Organizational Ethics Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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