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‘a climate of transformation coupled with the opportunity of a genuine sense.’ In Minnesota State, the governor and lawmakers be making a push for the raise of the Federal…
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Current Issues
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Political Science: Current Issues A number of s this year seem to be singing the same song and advocating the same the theme i.e. ‘a climate of transformation coupled with the opportunity of a genuine sense.’ In Minnesota State, the governor and lawmakers be making a push for the raise of the Federal government’s minimum wage per hour to $9. Further, the state joined 13 other states last year and thus, the state is experimenting immigration legislation bills concerning increasing access to higher education; by immigrants graduating from local high schools to allow them obtain in-tuition at colleges and public universities. In addition, the state has joined half of other states in the U.S. and gone ahead signing the Medicaid expansion program, which is going to be fund by the Federal government, for a period of 3 years. The Governor and the lawmakers have done this by extending the program to adult persons earning up to 138% of the level of Federal poverty (MPRnews, n.d.).
Other crucial issues that are being discussed by the legislatures and the governor include the budget, which is the focus; taxes, which, Gov. Dayton is saying that, he wants making Minnesota’s tax system simpler and fairer, by unveiling a tax reform plan. New plans for a health insurance exchange required by the Affordable Care Act unveiled by President Obama are underway (Governing, n.d.). In addition to the aforementioned issues, other issues underway include the same-sex marriage, which is illegal in Minnesota, public safety issues, which were triggered by the recent shootings of high profile, election issues, triggered by the Republican-backed amendment to the constitution, requiring voters to produce photo identification (Liz, 2014). Finally, the sand mining issues, which the governor says will be huge in the current season, and transportation. Therefore, it is evident that there are a couple of issues that the governor and lawmakers be pushing for in the current year, which form our current issues in Minnesota.
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Current Issues Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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