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Does the governor of Texas need more power - Essay Example

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As it is now, the Texas’ Governor heads the executive branch of the Texas state government, as well as being the commander-in-chief of the Texas’ military forces. In addition, the governor of Texas has the power to convene the legislature, and either veto or approve bills…
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Extract of sample "Does the governor of Texas need more power"

Download file to see previous pages The debate has been mainly informed by the fact that there is a consensus that the governor of Texas has fairly less powers particularly when compared to governors’ offices of other states. Considering this fact, there is debate on whether the governor of Texas need more power or not. There are those who believe that the governor needs more powers in order to match the powers of governors in other states. On the other hand, there are those who believe that additional power is not necessary (Maxwell, Ernest and Adolfo 21). This paper will discuss why the governor of Texas does not need more powers.
The Governor’s office in Texas is considered to be extremely weak especially when compared to the powers of governors in other states. A governor of Texas must use the charismatic ability, the power of media, personality and persuasion in order to govern the state more effectively (Brown 17). The power of the Texas state governor is weakened by the fact that the executive office powers are spread throughout a number of series of elected boards, commissions, and offices. Executive powers in Texas is what is termed as “plural executive” where there are several elected officials who share most of the powers invested typically in one office (Ginsberg 66).
In Texas, voters elect several key offices that include the Attorney General, Comptroller of Public Accounts, and the Lieutenant Governor. Since these officials may not have a greater degree of loyalty to the governor and might therefore seek to undermine his term of office (Wilson 55). The powers of the Governor is further undermined by the fact that he has less influence in the budgeting process compared to governors of the other states around the United States of America. The state law allows the governor to transfer funds between agencies or programs to meet emergency needs, even though such process should be approved by the Legislative Budget Board (LBB). It should be noted ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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