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The Life of David Gale Death Penalty - Movie Review Example

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The death penalty or capital punishment as a sentence for crime has always been a subject of controversy due to the long list of moral, religious, philosophical and other implications attached to it. There are a lot of activists arguing for and against this issue, and David Gale lived the life of a staunch supporter against the Death Penalty…
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The Life of David Gale Death Penalty
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Download file to see previous pages Proven perpetrators of heinous crimes should be tried in court exhaustively, and when truly found guilty – complete with all the circumstantial evidence to boot – should be convicted relative to the degree of the crime they committed. If a person is found guilty of murder, rape, kidnapping, torture and other similar crimes which could be categorized as “inhuman”, then immediately, he/she should be sent to the death penalty straight away. Otherwise, if there is some doubt to his/her personal involvement and/or active participation, then it should be lowered to a life imprisonment or a similar long-term prison sentence.
David Gale’s arguments are as follows: 1) capital punishment is not a deterrent to the commission of crimes; 2) there is a sprouting of “phony ‘expert’ testimony” for the convicted felons; 3) it is possible to condemn/convict innocent men; 4) and a flawed justice system, among others, which are agreeable to a certain point. Yes, there is no proof that shows that death as punishment stops crime or the offenders. However, there is still that possibility that actually carrying out capital punishment can somehow instill fear among potential criminals and their devious plans. Fake testimonies are also achievable, and can lead to innocent people being incarcerated, but at the end of the day, this is still a subjective argument. Likewise, there are jurors and judges who could be bought or manipulated, hence, the final verdict can actually be flawed. Still, it all boils down to the right people being placed as part of the jury and how objective they can really be. The choice is still done by the judges themselves with a strict screening procedure so if the verdict is faulty, then perhaps, the people who did the selection are themselves unsound with their assessment. As a pro-Death Penalty activist, I would defend my standpoint by stating that even if human life is precious, as being asserted by the con-Death supporters or Abolitionists, it is something which was not respected by the crime offenders, hence, they no longer deserve to be given significance or distinctive worth. The flaws in the justice system cannot be avoided because no system can ever be perfect. The action taken by David Gale in orchestrating the death of Constance was a truly extreme act of proving his point to the Governor of Texas when he had this live interview pertaining to the numerous executions in the locality. Gale was somehow challenged by what the governor stated during this event “name one innocent man that Texas has put to death in my tenure”. It is something that not every man can do or attempt to do – which is also related to the class lecture Gale delivered – stating that life should be measured “not by what you’ve attained in terms of your desires, but those small moments of integrity, compassion, rationality, even self-sacrifice.” Self-sacrifice was the goal taken by both Constance and Gale in order to underscore the advocacy they were fighting for. Gale’s perspective is truly an idealistic way of looking at life, and this, he pushes to the ultimate when he fakes the death of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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