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Legalization of medicinal marijuana - Research Paper Example

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Backed up by growing public sentiment and of support from federal Government New York may get the green signal for legalizing medical marijuana in coming spring. It would be the 22nd state of USA to get this permission. It would be revolutionary legislation as far as the US…
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Legalization of medicinal marijuana
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Download file to see previous pages Recent inclusion will go to be New York. Over the years pro medicinal marijuana people has argued that it can be effective and helpful for different deadly diseases like cancer, multiple sclerosis, AIDS, pain, epilepsy and glaucoma. In support of their argument those protagonists of medicinal marijuana has come up with lots of medicinal studies done by prominent medicine companies and major Government reports. It is often being noticed that lots of patients with chronic diseases don’t response that much well in terms conventional treatments. They also used different histories of using marijuana as medicine around the world (Morgan, 201-206).
This argument faced lots of opposition from different section of the American society. People are opposing very hard against this argument. Antagonists of these arguments are saying that marijuana is very dangerous for using medicinal purposes. It would make people additive about this dangerous habit. They also argue that already there are lots of legal drugs are present in the market. There is no reason for inclusion of marijuana into the lists of medicine. Anti people of this thought also argued that legalization of medicinal marijuana can give indulgence to harder and deadlier drugs. According to them Medicinal marijuana would destroy the in build immune system of human being. It can damage brain cells and can be problematic for lungs. People also argued that a particular group is trying to legalize medicinal use of marijuana only for entertainment purposes and there may be an unholy nexus of drug mafias.
Medical marijuana is legal in 21 states of the USA. It is being noticed that maximum doctors across the USA still do not prescribe medicinal marijuana. Survey of WebMD has shown that almost 69% of the doctors and 52% of patients has supported different benefits of Marijuana. This report also recorded that 37% of patient is not confident about different benefits from ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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