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A Place I Would Like to Live - Essay Example

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In the essay “A Place I Would Like to Live” the author describes a dream of having a number of things in life.  These dreams are individualistic in nature although at times there might have some similarity depending on the general perception of different persons…
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A Place I Would Like to Live
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Extract of sample "A Place I Would Like to Live"

A Place I Would Like to Live
Apparently, everyone has a dream of having a number of things in life. These dreams are individualistic in nature although at times there might have some similarity depending on the general perception of different persons. In light of this, I would like to settle down in the capital city of Finland known as Helsinki. It is defined as one of the global gateways to Finland, with the highest number of immigrant from other parts of the world such as Russia, Estonia, and Germany among other countries for its geographical position and rich culture. Firstly, its geographical feature is believed to be approximately 20,000 people per square kilometer although some of the areas are sparsely populated. Moreover, its proximity to Marine waters gives it a great opportunity in demonstrating its cultural relativism in reference to its world attraction features.
In regard to language, the official modes of Communications are Finnish, Swedish and English. In fact, it is believed that both intentional communication and unintentional communication that might be present in personal communication must be based on national language to avoid any occurrence of cultural myopia since the country has different groups of immigrant and tens of thousands tourists who continually visit. As such, the education system in most institutions has incorporated mandatory courses in public communication and mass communication. According to the institution management, every youth and student require the basic knowledge on the process of communication that encodes a message through a given channel which is followed by decoding for the receiver with or without an anticipated feedback.
Consequently, I would love to arrive in Helsinki through one of the most talked about airport in social media, Finish Airlines that has direct connection with Heathrow International Airport. Some of my colleagues who have visited the place before insist that unlike other air transport companies, Finish Airlines has After Sales Services(ASS) which ensures that clients’ luggage are moved from the airport to the book–in services that have been pre-booked upon requests from clients. As soon as I have taken a rest from the long flight, I would like to begin my stay by visiting some of the renowned tourist sites such as National Museum of Finland, which has the highest number of historical collection that dates back to the ancient times and some from the 21st Century. This visit is meant to give me knowledge on the general way of life in Finland.
Secondly, I anticipate to clearly comprehend the rules and regulations of the media in the country since it is believed to be one of the most strict fraternity with the capability of randomly screening internet communication since it is the most used medium of communication especially social media. Once I have ample knowledge on these issues, I will seek citizenship in the country as I find a temporary structure in the sparsely populated part of the city. I am opportunist that the Government of Finland will grant me citizenship and I will finally get to live in my dream country.
Work Cited
Hutchinson, Emily. Narrative Writing. Irvine: Saddleback Educational Pub, 2005. Print. Read More
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