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Sunni-Shia Split - Essay Example

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This is because the split is between two organized Islam groups who differ in several elements of their ethno-religious elements1. The Sunni Arabs were considered to reap better benefits during the Sadam regime as…
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Sunni-Shia Split
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Extract of sample "Sunni-Shia Split"

The Sunni-Shia Split The Sunni-Shia Split The Sunni-Shia split should be considered a civil war in Iraq. This is because the split is between two organized Islam groups who differ in several elements of their ethno-religious elements1. The Sunni Arabs were considered to reap better benefits during the Sadam regime as compared to the Shia2 during the reign of Saddam Hussein. This changed after Hussein’s fall and the Shia Arabs dominating the government3. It is a civil war due to the tension and killings existing due to the theological and political differences with each group calling for allegiance4.
The U.S. should have supported the Shia Islam more than the Sunni Islam. This is because Sunni Arabs were more associated with Muslim extremists and the Al-Qa’Ida who considered outside powers as enemies and promoted values that were no in tune with world peace5. Al-Qa’Ida promotes monotheism and is against anyone who believes in polytheism6. It declares war on any individual who does not follow the Muslim religion. AQI viewed Shia as individuals who have rejected Islam and declared war on them7.
Therefore, it is evident that Al-Qa’Ida should be stopped as they are against individualism and freedom. The U.S should lend help to individuals who are intent on driving AQI out as seen in the case of Amariyah whose new boss rebelled against AQI8. The Baath party was favored the Sunnis and ensured they took up positions of wealth and power9. The Shia Arabs are seen to be oppressed from several angles and would be the ones who would call for help as they do not promote values going against human right and freedom. The reign of Baath party saw that that the Shia did not enjoy higher living standards, prestigious education and jobs as the Sunni10.
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Sunni-Shia Split Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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