6: Content Analysis - Assignment Example

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The research question for the study is “What else did you do when you had problems or concerns during the course?” Each of the participant’s remarks should be put into one of the categories listed above. Do not omit any remarks and do not put any remark in more than one…
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Assignment 6: Content Analysis
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CONTENT ANALYSIS TALLY SHEET Category Active Positive Sat around camp fire drinking hot quick and thinking or talking about it to one other person.
2) Tried to think about the problem and ask advice from friends.
3) Thought of outward bounds motto and never gave up.
4) Dont know, just asked friends what they would do and I took a bit of time by myself to think it out
5) Needed time to myself to relax and let feelings go, by writing them down or by thinking about them.
6) Talk to my parents, sister, friends
7) Talked to others to see if they have the same problem. Sat by myself, thought the problem through
8) Writing in my journal in Solo Time, thinking about things through proply, time just to stop
9) Concentrated on the problem
10) Have a positive outlook on life. Think through everything whilst on solo time.
11) Talked to a friend - gave me encouragement.
12) Worked them out as a group. Talked to other people in the group.
13) Thinking about things and others problems. Talk to myself, support. Think I cant let myself lose
14) Thought about those worse off. Found time to relax. Saw through it. Tried to think in advance
Active Negative
Passive Positive
1) Sing, punch my pillow, watch TV, read a book, play piano
2) I had a good time all the time
3) Basically I didnt have too many worries so I didnt do anything else.
4) None, I didnt have many problems or concerns
5) Kept busy when homesick. Did not have many other problems.
6) Thought about the good things to forget the bad things
7) I used the solo time, thought about if before and after sleeping, kept myself happy by being with friends
8) Just had fun and put it out of my mind
9) Singing - making up songs. Thought of people at home to cheer myself up. Friday night.
10) Wrote them down on paper, Wished they would go away

Passive Negative
1) Nothing
2) Didnt think about them
3) Nothing
4) Slept
5) Nothing really.
6) I kept my mouth closed most of the time and did not tell the people I disliked that I disliked them
7) Nothing else except thinking about going home
8) None, that was excellent
9) Just focused on what I was doing presently instead of thinking about the future.
10) Put up a Bivi. I didnt have that many problems or concerns.
11) Homesick - cried, concentrate on other things; Exhausted - told myself, if other people can, I can
Category 1
Category 2
Category 3
Category 4
The research question for the study is “What else did you do when you had problems or concerns during the course?” Each of the participant’s remarks should be put into one of the categories listed above. Do not omit any remarks and do not put any remark in more than one category. Tally the results and answer the question below.
How do you interpret the results of this study? How do the troubled youth in this study respond to problems or concerns?
Based on the content analysis results, 40% (n=14) of the respondents are active/positive in handling their problems or concerns, 31.4% (n=11) are passive/negative, 28.5% (n=10) are passive/positive, and none are active/negative. The troubled youth in this study are generally passive with almost 60% preferring to do nothing, such as distracting themselves with entertainment and forgetting their problems instead of facing them and trying to find solutions as individuals and/or group/family members. The rest of the respondents are active/positive in resolving their problems because they rely on reflection and group support in understanding and solving their issues. They seriously thought about their problems and engaged others when they felt it was needed to help them get through with their issues. They did ignore their problems and pretend they did not exist, such as what 60% did. Instead, they reflected on their problems, sometimes through writing, and most of the time through sharing their problems with others and seeking their advice.
The implications of the findings are that the youth do not have good problem-solving and conflict management skills and that the adults around them and their social institutions are not effective in helping them develop these skills. The youth are used more to entertaining themselves as if it is an effective way of resolving problems. It is good that they are not active/negative in handling their problems, but they lack good problem-solving and conflict management skills in analyzing and resolving their problems and conflicts. Furthermore, the findings suggest that adults or parents/caregivers and teachers, and basically, social institutions, are not nurturing these important life management skills among the youth. They may even be the ones teaching passive approaches. Hence, these respondents need workshops and social guidance in improving their problem-solving and conflict management skills. Read More
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