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Description of the Work as a Support Worker in Health and Social Care - Assignment Example

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 This essay discusses to provide a detailed description of the work as a support worker in health and social care and also as a fashion stylist. Apart from this, an identification of two particular areas wherein improvements or changed need to be made and the rationale for making the same…
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Description of the Work as a Support Worker in Health and Social Care
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Extract of sample "Description of the Work as a Support Worker in Health and Social Care"

Download file to see previous pages Moreover, apart from conducting the above-stated activity, I focused on how to enhance my communication skills, as there lays the requirement of communicating with the people of the community in order to make them learn about varied complex needs within a particular community. My job profile, as a support worker specifically in health and social care segment, also includes supporting the people towards solving their respective diverse learning difficulties. It will be vital to mention that serving the people living in a community who are severely ill and in the condition of dying, is also one of my job roles as a support worker in the respective segment. These job roles are usually performed by making dynamic team efforts with the incorporation of individual professional skills (Prime Care, 2010).
Apart from my work as a support worker in health and social care segment, I also perform the job roles of a fashion stylist. In this regard, as a fashion stylist, I had to communicate with the clients in order to make them aware of the new fashion trends. Especially mentioning, as a leader, I need to supervise the performance of my teammates and encourage their team spirit in order to gain professional excellence by highly satisfying the clients with better execution of my professional skills (Gradireland, 2012).
Furthermore, in relation to the work of a fashion stylist, I often had to perform the job role of an image consultant, which requires greater development in professional skills while advising the clients to make them aware about the dresses that would best suit them. Thus, in order to perform the above-stated job roles, there lays the requirement of developing excellent communication skills in order to become an effective fashion stylist consultant. Especially mentioning my job profile as a fashion stylist demands as the role of a team leader for supervising my subordinates in delivering quality services to the client.   ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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(Description of the Work As a Support Worker in Health and Social Care Assignment)
Description of the Work As a Support Worker in Health and Social Care Assignment.
“Description of the Work As a Support Worker in Health and Social Care Assignment”, n.d.
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