Islamophobia and muslim women - Essay Example

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In the West it is perceived to a great extent that Islam and terrorism are interlinked…
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Islamophobia and muslim women
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of the of the of the Islamophobia and Muslim Women In the West it is perceived to a great extent that Islam and terrorism are interlinked. This has caused several of the Muslim students to fear or to be ashamed of disclosing the religion to which they belong. Many students explained that people regarded them as supporters of terrorism. Moreover, female students found it to be risky to disclose their religion. On declaring herself to be a Muslim, a female could be exposed to Islamophobic attacks in the Western nations (Brown 64).
As such, in some of the nations of the West, the object of fear tend to be the Muslims. In this situation, Muslims who openly display their religion are more likely to be subjected to abuse. Thus, Muslim females who wear the headscarf could be targeted to a greater extent. This is due to the fact that their headscarf can be recognised instantly (Carland 473). In addition, it is generally believed that Muslim women are submissive, which renders them soft targets.
Moreover, in the UK, Islamophobia can lead to a greater proportion of attacks upon Muslim women than men. The report “Maybe We Are Hated” disclosed that 58% of victims of Islamophobia in the UK were females. Moreover, 80% of these females had been wearing the hijab or headscarf, at the time of the attacks (PRESS TV). Furthermore, Islamophobic oppression becomes a major issue for Muslim females who diligently follow the dress codes of Islam. One of these is the well - known hijab. The media, usually labels Muslim schoolgirls, who adhere to the Islamic dress code as backward, oppressed and uneducated (Zine 239).
Consequently, it has been noticed that Muslim women are at greater risk of Islamophobic attacks than the Muslim men. This danger increase, when the Muslim female adorns herself with the niqab or other symbols of Islam. The report by Chris Allen, “Maybe We Are Hated” has been slated to be launched in the House of Commons of the UK. The objective of this report is to enable the women, who have become victims of Islamophobia, to express themselves (Siddique).
The victimisation is horrifying. For instance, Rachel a Muslim female, had asked a man to remove his car from her driveway, as it had been blocking the same. To her horror and consternation, this man drove the car over her, after filthily abusing her and her religion. In another instance, a Muslim female Shareefa, was victimised by a group of youngsters who abused her in obscene language and called her a ninja. She received several severed heads of pigs, and on one occasion, fireworks had been posted to her home (Siddique).
Moreover, Muslim students had emphasised that their day to day life was seriously affected by geopolitical tensions. Several of these students claimed that they were being exposed to danger, due to terrorist attacks. Prominent among these were the September 11 Islamic terrorist attacks on the US. Other events described by these students, were the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq by the US and its allies, notably the UK (Brown 64). Another such event was the growth of Islamic fundamentalist terrorism, in the world.
In the UK there is considerable anger towards Muslims, who are perceived to be a threat to civilised Western culture. Such anger tends to develop into violent action against Muslims. The females of this religion, can usually be identified, due to their dress, which typically includes the headscarf and the niqab. Thus, Muslim females become more frequent victims of Islamophobia in the Western countries.
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Islamophobia and Muslim Women Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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