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For instance, In Saudi Arabia, girls and women are treated as property, they are forced into marriage and a significant number suffer female genital mutilation. Efforts to mitigate abuse are underway. Women have…
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Honor Diaries
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Honor Diaries What is your initial response to the film? We are living in a word where most cultures are dominated by male. For instance, In Saudi Arabia, girls and women are treated as property, they are forced into marriage and a significant number suffer female genital mutilation. Efforts to mitigate abuse are underway. Women have financed movements that are against abuse irrespective of culture.
Apart from being a film, Honor Diaries is a movement that is meant to save girls and women from abuse of their human right in America and around the world. The film features nine with origins in Muslim and non-Muslim around the world which has witnessed directly the hardships that are experienced by women (The Clarion Project).
How well do you think the film addresses the issue of women’s rights?
The documentary Honor Diaries examines female genital mutilation in the perspective of honor violence aimed at women. In the context of violence, viewers can learn about the mistreatment and violence that is experienced by women. For instance, Viewers can learn about Fahina Hashim from Sudan as she tries to protect the potential of Female Genital Mutilation through her work of advocacy. She is seen negotiating with her parents who could have demanded mutilation in the order in order to have some familiar honors preserved as well as the preservation of purity values.
What do you think are the strengths and weaknesses of the film?
One of the greatest strength of the films is the ability to avoid racial discrimination. The film has effectively been able to represent almost every culture in the world. For instance, there is a representative for the South Asian Community, Sudan, and Iran among others. In addition, the film has also tried to balance religion by including both the Islamic religion and Christian religion through Juliana Tamoozary.
Nevertheless, the movie managed to touch a nerve in Muslim cultures that are abusive to women. For instance, the film triggered hypocritical claims of Islamophobia. Islamophobia is an unwarranted fear of Islam religion. In US, there are three Universities that have optimized censorship of screenings. In most cases, such actions are usually political as the practice is shameful regardless of culture (The Clarion Project).
What is your overall opinion of the film?
The film is used to show viewers the various struggles and challenges that are experienced by women around the planet in the name of culture. The film acts as an inspiration to the viewers especially individuals who are tied up by cultural restrictions. The movie inspires women to break down the hindrance of political exactness and speak the truth that culture should not be used to abuse women (The Clarion Project).
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The Clarion Project. About Honor Diaries. 2014. 13 April 2015. Read More
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