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Congress has comprehensible military authority of the purse and declaration of war and the President is clearly identified as the Commander-and-Chief (Straub 1-2). These constitutional statements are mutually exclusive and are defended within the U.S. Constitution as a check and…
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Reading Respond#3
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Download file to see previous pages U.S, and of the armed forces of the numerous states, when given the actual service of America and commission all the service personnel of the United States (The Founders Constitution 1). The separation of war powers within the U.S Constitution does not appear so uncertain. While the President is given some exclusive authorities (Straub 1-2), the immensity of the authority to take the country to war depends on Congress (Kinkopf 2).
According to U.S. Constitution, there is separation of powers of war. With Congress having the power to proclaim war, select and sustain the armed forces, and manage war funding (Article I, Section 8). At the time the Constitution was outlined (Kinkopf 2), the framers evaluated the singular willpower of the Executive against the Legislature’s consultative function, whose components would ultimately carry the cost of battle (The Founders Constitution 1).
The ultimate responsibility for any military engagement is held by the congress. This is clear as it is supported by the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court has been fast to remind the people that, where overlaps in the authorities given by the Constitution prevail, reverence goes to Congress. This is a clear declaration of Supreme Court that when Congress, acting in the vast aspects of overlapping authority, tells the President no, the President ought to comply (Kinkopf 2).
Straub, Steve. Alexander Hamilton, Federalist Paper #69, On Command of the Army and Navy. On March 21, 2011. Accessed from ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Reading Respond#3 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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