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The negative impact of multiculturalism (Multiculturalism highlights difference and can lead to hate crimes) - Research Paper Example

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Dear audience, it is very hard to believe how multiple races can coexist in a society where discrimination and racial hatred has not vanished even after so…
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The negative impact of multiculturalism (Multiculturalism highlights difference and can lead to hate crimes)
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The negative impact of multiculturalism (Multiculturalism highlights difference and can lead to hate crimes)

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Dear fellows, terrorism is on its rise, and racial differences have been a part and parcel of the whole scenario. The stigma attached to the Arabs, for example, makes them aliens among us. We are not able to feel comfortable in diverse workplaces, where people from other cultures work, because we are afraid they might have hidden bombshells under their clothes. This fear has elevated after the 9/11 attacks. How are we going to trust people of other cultures and races now? Cultural and racial profiling that involves blaming people belonging to other races and cultures is on its rise after the terrorist attacks. It is “the practice of targeting individuals for police or security interdiction, detention, or other disparate treatment based primarily on their race or ethnicity, in the belief that certain minority groups are more likely to engage in unlawful behavior” (Muffler, 2006, p.1). Cultural profiling is simply a violation of the constitution that gives protection to all cultural groups of a society. It has led to shooting and killing of people of other cultures for the sake of security, based on stereotypes attached to certain cultural groups. For example, Travon Martin was “the unarmed teenager allegedly killed by a neighborhood watch captain while walking home from a store” (Lee, 2012, para.1). He was an African-American. Hence, multiculturalism has given rise to cultural profiling, especially in America, as people of other cultures have been targeted, shot, gunned down, punished, and tortured, just because of their cultural backgrounds.
What is more, my dear friends, multiculturalism has also given rise to conflicts and disputes at workplaces. The difference in salaries and benefits seen at workplaces is actually what gives rise to discrimination, which eventually leads to hatred between members of the same community ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Hate Crimes
The thirst or desire for domination is an inherited trait in the blood of all the human beings. It may come out in different forms at different times. For example, some white people dislike black people. Same way Muslims are disliked by some of the American Christians especially after the 9/11 incident.
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Multiculturalism in Canada a Myth or reality
Multiculturalism refers to the concept of presence of numerous ethnic cultures in a single society. When people having different ethnic cultures live in any specific society for different reasons, it gives rise to multiculturalism in that society. Multiculturalism promotes social equality, freedom, and justice in a society and this is the reason why most of the people believe it to be the most practical and fair system.
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Hate crimes
Stotzer (2007) stated that the main reason of the hostile intentions for the victim is due to his perceived inclusion in a specific group. Hate crimes cause major setbacks in the lifestyles of individuals belonging to minorities, culturally and racially different individuals.
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Multiculturalism as a promoting factor for national division
This research aims to present two articles on multiculturalism: “Immigrants must assimilate into America Culture” and “Multiculturalism will segregate society culturally and economically”. Particularly the author discusses such issues of these articles as main Idea of Viewpoint Expressed; Intended Audience; Author’s Credentials/Affiliations; Support for Author’s Viewpoint and so on.
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In this respect, hate sites aim to corrupt the correct moral judgement of the mind so as to construct biased truths. For instance, the hate site ‘GodHatesFags’ portrays anti-gay material and information that is aimed to generate hatred for the gay community; the site seeks to incite the public into hating the gay community on religious bases thus the name “GodHatesFags”.
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Thomas Hobbes views on Hate Crimes
This is the same way that love and hate are perceived to be as a contributing aspect of the state of hate crimes, where people hate what they have an aversion, the same way they love the things they desire. This then translates to the intricate balance of the presence and absence of the two aspects of affiliation to an object or opinion.
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Yet some nations are completely against the idea and are ethnocentric in every sense. The chairman of the Commission for Racial Equality, Trevor Phillips, is one of those critics who is against this idea. Certain key members of the British nation have continued to promote multiculturalism and say that it is a concept that has been there even before large scale immigrations began.
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