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Multiculturalism Has Failed - Essay Example

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Multiculturalism Has Failed.
Multiculturalism has been regarded, for the most part, as a normative framework and an array of nation-state policies that increases acceptance, and encourages appreciation of cultural differences. …
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Multiculturalism Has Failed
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Multiculturalism Has Failed

Download file to see previous pages... In the UK, multiculturalism was accepted as a suitable method for contending with cultural differences. Perhaps, it is due partly to the United Kingdom's historical employment of a race-relation line of attack to promoting social equality (Favell 2001). Multiculturalism has become a crucial and important term in the British political discourse for many years. The concept of multi-ethnicity in Britain stressed the notion of "Britishness" as a plural individuality that observes cultural or ethnic differences that represents ‘community of communities' (Parekh 2000). Nevertheless, Britain, and some other European nations, has gone through a hostile response over cultural difference (Grillo 2007). The intensification and proliferation of right-wing nationalist parties, the escalating strictness of immigration rules, and the implementation of citizenship tests represented the intensifying counterattack over multiculturalism. Perhaps, many would subscribe to the notion that there is a complete standard shift in the political discourse in Britain that covers multiculturalism, social cohesion, or from embracing difference to upholding common values. This shift followed the 2001 racial conflicts in the Northern England. It was the absence of social cohesion that brought about the tension, and inspired less multicultural rules and intensifying apprehension over the presumed division of minority communities (McGhee 2005). For example, many European political leaders have expressed opinions regarding the declining development of multiculturalism. In 2010, Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor argued through the BBC World News that: The approach [to build] a multicultural [society] and to live side-by-side and to enjoy each other…has failed, utterly failed. We should not be a country either which gives the impression to the outside world that those who don’t speak German immediately or who were not raised speaking German are not allowed here. Also, British Prime Minister, David Cameron, in 2011 contended that, indeed, multiculturalism has not succeeded in promoting social vibrancy. In a recent article by the BBC World News (2011), the prime minister asserted that the United Kingdom needed a sturdier national identity to preclude the occurrence of a vast array of extremism. Also, advocacies for multiculturalism in Western countries, especially European nations, seem minor or even stumpy (Verkuyten 2007). This rather ugly development in Britain and in some other European countries has been considered to be a withdrawal of multiculturalism in the context of academic literature (Joppke 2004). But even though this interpretation has been challenged, there is a general principal plot in the academic discourse pertaining to the rise and fall of multiculturalism (Kymlicka 2010). In line with these negative developments in so far as failure of multiculturalism is concerned, this paper contends that in order to provide a clear evidence that multiculturalism has indeed failed, there is a need to bring this case on the ground and examine how it is being experienced by people in their day to day lives. Otherwise, academic and political dialogues are jeopardized of being cut off from reality and actual group intergroup relations (Howarth & Andreouli n.d.). Having this in mind, it is therefore valid to contend that a social and psychological method to multiculturalism provides a much more modern philosophical and political discourse by deriving consideratiokn of the inhabited actualities of cultural variety and the strains that are connected with it. Hence, this paper ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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There are many who would agree with the Prime Minister’s sentiments, but there are many others who would disagree. I do not think that multiculturalism has failed in Britain; rather its objectives have been overtaken by time and events. A lot has happened in terms of changes in intercultural relations in the country and the principles of the multicultural policy cannot be expected to solve all the problems arising from divergent cultures represented in the country (Modood 43).
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The author of the paper states that whenever multicultural policies are implemented, there is inevitable one question that is raised: will the people who belong to different groups be segregated? It first the latter seems like a negative process that is deeply opposite to the very nature of multiculturalism.

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